Life Is Simply A Game

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Creating Your Reality E-Book
  • In life you may win or loose, it's basically just like playing a game.

    Life Is Not What You Wish It To Be, But Rather It’s What You Make It.

    Life is indeed a game that we all play to pass time; simply a series of days strung together, made up of how you planned or decided to spend the moments.

    Like any game how well it is played or whether life's circumstances are interpreted then used to the best advantage makes losers and winners to varying degrees.

    The impacts from others that are either beneficial or damaging will dictate final outcomes every time. Making good friends and creating beneficial associations can make all the difference.

    Life is made up of various experiences that are created or brought about by choices that are made both consciously and subconsciously. Life is also an experience of creation; the creation of moments, situations and circumstances; the creation of memories. We are all participants in a charade, how life evolves and turns out all depend on how well the game is played.

    Senseless insanity is alive and well within the world. The world is awash with unruly forces; that if not intent upon harming you do desire to become a destabilizing force, either temporarily or over the long term.

    Avoid being manipulated by random chance or uncontrollable factors that may occur by carefully and specifically managing ways how things progress and evolve. Fate has a multitude of outcomes; often efforts taken towards realizing desires can be negated if decisive action isn't taken.

    Like any game preparation is critical; understanding the rules, knowing how to manipulate the dynamics at play efficiently to ones own advantage, understanding the intricacies of the rules and how to capitalize upon or create opportunities, pursuing whatever circumstances are present to maximize whatever potential exists to the best advantage.

    The potential opportunities in life are only limited by the inability to firstly comprehend them and secondly to fully utilize personal abilities to maximize the potential that is available. Don't wait for special times to evolve, rather create them in accordance with your true desires to experience what you wish to make real.

    • Control Your World

      The world in which you live is limited to specifics; the times and places, where you are at any particular moment. As these locations are generalized and constantly repeatable within a fixed cycle for most people, the direct personal variability of experiences of the world is confined to those places.

      Life can be, as it is for most people, like riding a Ferris wheel; were experiences continue constantly within a fixed repeatable cycle; at best with slight variations. Rather than living 365 days, one day is repeated 365 times. Adding variety, or spice, to the mix is basically an intuitive exercise that requires thought and physical energy to break out of a repetitive life cycle. Each day is a brand new chance to create a whole array of enjoyable and interesting experiences and places. With the opportunity to relish so many new and exciting experiences, it is surely a waste and travesty not to do so.

      Self created circumstances keep one trapped within a specific life style; the belief that it may not be possible to change things; that the way things are should be accepted; yet a strong persistent focus for obtaining money, status, or power are what can enable desired improvements or changes.

      Out of the frying pan into the fire mode of thought is what keeps some people trapped within their current circumstances, or way of life. Better the devil you know than the one you don't form of logic can keep the circle of friends limited to specific personality traits. One's own personality and attitudes does keep the people who are attracted into your circle limited to those who feel or think similar to yourself.

      Life's initial start can lock most people into a certain life style or social grouping. Letting these restrictions impact or force you to accept them is unnecessary, as life has the potential to be whatever you wish it to be.

      Materialistic desires are different from living a life of value. What is the quality of life varies drastically from person to person, some seek expensive physical objects, others may seek fame or fortune, others search out valuable experiences, and some look for ways to give or find meaning to life. Knowing or understanding the meaning and dynamics of 'What is' then knowing how to manage change, forming the status quo into the reality that is desired is the basis of what enables the shift in life's dynamics.

      Once you take the responsibility to ensure that the lives of others turn out best at the expense of your own, then you are not only doing yourself a disservice, but also to others as well. By ensuring that your life experience is maximized ; this will enable you to not only live the best life possible, but also be able to contribute to the ones you wish to help and support.

      While it takes resources to control the world, the control of your own specific world environment is really within your potential to achieve. How you choose to control your world, to what extent your desires are put into action, will determine whether your life will meet your wishes or not. The amount of thought and energy you exhort, the persistence of that effort, all come to determine whether, and to what degree, what you want is what you actually get.

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    Author: Steven Redhead

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