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Creating Your Reality E-Book
  • You are the creator of your own perceived reality

    Choices Change Your World.

    The Laws of Attraction taught how to attract what you want. 'The Laws of Creation' shows you what the greatest inventors throughout history knew and practiced, they created. You are the creator of your own perceived reality, so don’t be a creation of circumstances, take full control of your destiny.

    You are always at the cross roads of your life. Each moment is a turning point, a time of change that is governed by your decisions; in that brief instant that whatever you decided to do will in infinite ways change the course of your life forever. Every choice made is a pivotal crossroads that brings into life some form of continuous change, be that temporary, on going, or morphing into continuous scenarios of renewal.

    Life in its essence is indeed a game, a game of chance that everyone has to participate in willingly or otherwise. With the correct step-by-step choices, made at various stages of life, the desired outcome can be created. Even seemingly insignificant choices can change the dynamics of destiny forever. There is no varying level of affect regarding choice, each carries the same actual power to change life drastically in a new direction. While this may seem illogical, that the gravity of any simple quick decision also carries a similar intensity of life changing consequences as a carefully considered decision.

    You alone have the power to change your world through your choices, desires, beliefs, thoughts and actions. The power to impact your reality rests solely within your hands.

    • The Creation Of Self

      It is actually possible to be whoever or whatever you wish to be, based upon your choice to decide what course to follow in this life. Finding yourself lies in how and what you decide to create; this is the basis of all the choices you get to make; some decisions are conscious others subliminal or externally influenced. Few people work from this base to create whoever they are or really wish to become. Usually the self image or persona is a work in progress, gradually changing and evolving naturally, but also open to the whims of the moment and numerous external effects. All the thing you have been expose to, every thought goes towards creating who you are and most importantly who you will become. External influences and personal habits do play a part depending upon how susceptible or how open you become to the numerous potential influences that do exist.

      It is quite important to maintain who you want to be; avoiding any interference from others, no matter how well intentioned they may intend to be. There are always those who wish you to behave like or become their specific idea of who you should be. They attempt to achieve this through use of manipulation, intimidation, forms of psychological or social blackmail; or other covert means available.

      The peace and stillness of quite thought is very illusive in the modern world in which we are all continually bombarded by the incessant forms of noise and visual stimulus made by others. The media assault from many directions, manipulating thoughts, what to focus upon, influencing what people talk about, effecting opinions, how to think, what we do during free time in the form of entertainment or pursuits; humanity is becoming creatures of others manipulative intentions rather than their own.

      Who you are, your cloak of identity is what the people you have known and society has molded you into from when you were born. Other parts of your persona have been created through your thoughts of who you conceive yourself to be, including the impacts of whoever and whatever has had the chance to influence and change you. Therefore, if you wish to change or adjust your image then this can best be done entirely through the power of your own conscious thoughts. What you pursue is what you are; the clothes, manners, attitude; what you enjoy, your favorite food, the drinks you like, in fact all the trimmings that make you an individual. To start rebuilding yourself the first requirement is to create the thought of 'who' or 'what' you would like others to perceive you to be; then go about changing those basic tenants that contribute towards who you wish to become.

      Usually movie stars or pop idols undergo a process of reinvention of their persona; mostly controlled by others, but on occasion by themselves with some impacts from external influences. This goes to emphasize what is possible, how change can be used to create the desired version of whatever you perceive yourself to be.

      Most people simply make a stab at who they are or want to become, usually without a great deal of thought or concentrated effort. Over time those absorbed attributes go into the portrayed persona you have come to know. There are those that are copy versions of someone else, perhaps famous or admired; but rarely an original conception of true desires. Many are impacted by family concerns, pressures or influences that deny the opportunity or freedom to express the personality they wish to portray; they simply over time become a product to perform a function of induced external requirements; whatever is necessary to provide or meet the expectations of others in some way great or small.

      To be the persona you really want requires the freedom of mind to let your true self, the self you desire to be expressed and allowed to shine through. It is by throwing off all the trappings and trimmings that life has adorned you with to now, then going back to basics to look for the you that came into this world, who you really are. From this point, without external influences, you are able to freely reinvent the life you live in as much detail as you may wish to consider. It is through this process that it becomes possible to bring the real intent of what you wish experience and portray to the world.

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    Author: Steven Redhead

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