In our modern world of hustle and bustle, rushing too and throw. Consumed by the cares of the day, we often loose site of what the true purpose of our life is. The time to contemplate things they way our forefathers did is not always available to us. The demands of the day, our work, family & friend, as well as various distractions we create for ourselves to pacify our desires, all leave us little time to consider the true meaning of our being.

Mindwaves © is a medium to exchange thoughts on the meaning and purpose of our lives, that would create seeds of thought to help us on this journey and provide us an alternative view outside the box that makes up our daily existence.

The site is split into 3 sections; Thoughts
©; Mystic Words ©; Deliberations ©. The links at the top and bottom of this page can be used to view these three themes. Also there are links to group and external sites which I hope you will find useful. A contact page is available if you should wish to contact us. This page also has a link to the SpiritWorks guest book where you can leave and share your comments, thoughts or ideas for this site.

"What we do in life echoes in eternity". Marcus Aurelius 121~180 AD

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