What are we to value most during our time on earth, the time we have to spend, the people we share this time with, our families, friends and acquaintances. The experiences, each one so rich, but mostly taken for granted or felt to be mundane, because we don't realize yet their true worth within eternity. Each moment should be savored and enjoyed for it will never return. The people we know will change, come into our lives and also leave, old friends, people we know, family, all will come and go in an ever moving cycle. Then if by magic time will pass so quickly on reflection that we wonder where it went, how it passed so quickly, as if in the blinking of our eyes our life was over and done. So savor the moment, enjoy each breath, maximizing the time you have. Find what gives you the most joy and pursue your dreams, achieving to the best of your ability what you set out to do.

Our life will spiral and run away, if we don't take control.
When we finally reflect upon our time on earth,
only then will we notice that time passed by so quickly
and that we did times bidding rather that the other way around.

Was it just a blinking of an eye, or so it seems, that our lives pass by so quickly, not on a daily basis, but in those moments of reflection when you feel that life passed by so fast. The demands upon our time lead us down roads we had no eternal interest in, and steal from us the right of free passage upon the earth.

There is a dream that young men have,
to have the world at their feet.
But the only dream that old men have,
is to die in peace and what will be their legacy.

It is our fate and legacy that our final resting place should be beneath the earth in the ground, with just our names and dates of our time on earth etched in a piece of stone to record that at one time we did in fact pass this way, and for a moment in time danced upon the earth.

"What we do in life echoes in eternity". Marcus Aurelius 121~180 AD

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