The winds of time are not kind to all men, why some have more posessions and a rich life than others is a mystery to most people. But the weak are made strong by their struggles or they are left by the wayside to disappear. A focused desire and strong will power will overcome all in the stuggle that is a fleating moment in the scheme of things.

Look brightly all ye who pass this way,
remember that your every action will change the course of eternity,
and yes, the passage will be recorded eternally upon the shadows of time

It is not possible to change what has already occurred, therefore it is not wise to dwell on the things of the past, unless you do so in order to gain more value and knowledge from what happened, or to use the analysis of the experience in the future in some way. Each small action changes the world in some unseen way, everything you do has an impact irrespective of whether this is evident or not. From the small seed a tree is born and in the same way each action propogates others that combined to become your life, become you. These actions mould your being and you are gradually evolving changing minutely some times unnoticeably, but as time passed you become different from what you have been in the past. It is these changes that will govern who you are, who you become, therefore take great care with everything you do, as it will impact you immencely over the long run.

Love the moment for its simplicity,
It may give or take nothing from you,
But, for a blinking of an eye,
It will have changed so many things forever.

Time is a fickle thing, it comes and goes, giving nothing and taking nothing, just passing. What we make of it is our desire, we can value it or waste it, savour every moment or langish in a hell of our own making. It is the desire within us that will lead us down one path or the other. So with our right to choose it is the wise man that can follow the difficult road that others foresake for a material life. It is the things that can't be seen or touched that have the most value, love, happyness, peace, caring, beautiful memories, these are the things that will stand the test of eternity. Material things are temporary and so is their value and in the concept of eternity the have no worth or lasting value, for when you die all you will take with you are your memories.

"What we do in life echoes in eternity". Marcus Aurelius 121~180 AD

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