It seems like we have all lost our way and forgotten the purpose and meaning that our life was intended to achieve. Now we purely focus on the material things and how to grain increasing more wealth and products as if these are the only means to satisfy us. The mind has taken control of the body from the spirit and is increasing ignoring the reasoning and requirements of our higher self. We have lost sight of our reason for being. Yet if only we stopped to think for a while we would realize that the only thing you will take with you when you die and leave this earth are your memories.

It truly seems the sole purpose of life,
is that we should experience as many things as possible.,
for what else could there be to do during eternity,
but to reflect in great detail,
upon the things that have happened in this life

All the things that you experience are solely for the purpose of giving you something to reflect upon throughout eternity. Your every thought, memory, all your wishes, hopes and dreams will be remembered for ever more. Therefore, choose wisely your thoughts, dreams and actions, for they will be with you in eternity, unchanging constant. This for some can be heaven and for others can be hell.

Are we to conclude,
In this blinking of an eye, called life,
That eternity is the only option worth the choice,
Or should we readily accept oblivion as our true and only destiny.
Then hence, we must ask the purpose, for which we came here,
Was it merely to fade away,
As if we had never been at all.
How our ancestors would revolt at this thought,
That the sole purpose for their existence was our demise.

"What we do in life echoes in eternity". Marcus Aurelius 121~180 AD

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