Destiny is not fate, it is a course that we must find, then create - this is our true life path which we must follow in order to achieve those things that are of utmost importance to our higher consciousness. Seek your life purpose, then with clear focus aim all your energies at bringing this destiny into your reality. The future won't wait for you, if you don't create your own destiny fate will. Our desires always have potential to become true, if we want something enough it would only be a matter of time before what we want becomes ours. We must consider meeting not only our mortal desires but also our spiritual desires also, for these are the driving force of all that is for us.
We create our life through our dreams, so it should make sense that to remember our dreams is one keys to living a richer as well as more rewarding life, through the knowledge we can gain and then use in our daily life. Our dreams are the windows to our higher consciousness, insights into what we should be, what we should be doing.

It is our own demons that come to haunt us in time, not those of evil forces or the dead. We create and give life to the forces that would harm us or lead us from the true path that we should follow. Take care what you create within your mind and thereby give power to.

Always have love in your heart. Going forward in peace at all times

Do what you think is right and good and others will do the same for you.

Determine your own destiny through creation of your own reality.
We should always seek to find a worthy cause to dedicate ourself to, some purpose that will make a difference that will last and change things forever.. By dedicating your energy to achieving your ambitions, your goals, your dreams, your challenges you give your life purpose and reason to be.
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