The desires of the spirit will always transcend any barrier that exist when you wish understand though communication with your higher consciousness. If you loose everything you will still be who you are, nothing will change. So find your true self beyond your physical image, then be who you really are, not what things make you. Remove your mental chains letting your spirit soar. Our eyes are said to be the window to the soul, in turn, the soul is the window to the spirit. A smile brings joy and energy to the soul; so we can make our spirits rejoice by smiling, not only to ourselves but to others. To rejoice in our world is enliven the soul and glorify the spirit.
We don't need to sacrifice ourselves on the crosses of life in order to be delivered into salvation. Whether we win or loose this game of life the outcome will be the same, the reuniting of our soul to become one once again with the spirit. Our salvation is the realization that this life is just a journey, one to be enjoyed, savored and lived well.

Finding your true self can only be achieved once you let go of all you have become. Take away the things that life has given you, forget the way you have been indoctrinated into thinking and acting. Then you will be able to find out who you really are.

Smiles bring joy to the your soul which will make your higher spirit rejoice.

Only by giving up all you are and own will you realize who you really are.

Our salvation is the realization that life is just a journey and not the end point..
Our Soul mates are in fact our spiritual partners who are here to support our life goals and give us comfort and joy in this life. They come into our life, then leave almost unnoticed, as our tide of our fortune ebbs and flows; but it is sure that by their presence they will have changed our life forever.
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