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Seek and you will find
The search does require an effort that for some is not feasible, they are destracted by the cares of the day, the need to make ends meet. All there effort is spent upon temporary things that for teh moment seem to hold the priority for them. Yet if we are prepared to search for our life direction it will surely be made clear to us.
You must always have a clear vision, a desire, of what you want. If you can't see what you want in your mind's eye then what hope do you have of seeing what you want within your reality.

We are blessed with the ability to create, to make what we want real. With the constant focus on our dreams we can make them really come true for us.

Fix your vision clearly upon what you want most, never waver, never give up until what you want is yours.
The potential is infinate
There is actually no limit set on our potential or even what we can achieve, it is all limited by our ability to see the potential of our desires, as well as the effort we are prepared to make to bring something into our life, we can ask for then receive as much as we want..

The Magic is in the making of it all
Make it clear in your mind what you wish to see, what you want as well as don't want to have within your reality.

You have within your power the ability to make whatever you want become real, this ability is limited only by the extent of your vision, by your ability to perceive in reality the things you have envisions within your mind.

Have the vision to create something this is wonderful, something that will last a life time, something that has true value forever. Avoid passing fantasies or things of little value, they will only distract you from the things that will bring wonder and magic into your life.

Believe then you will see.
It is as simple as believing in something that will indeed give it life, make it real.

By clearly visualizing the things we desire or want we can give them form that can be realized, that can be made real..

Set clearly in your thoughts a firm image of the things you truly desire.

Everything is there for us

Most of us only see what we believe should be there so we miss many of life's wonders, they are hidden from us.

What we expect is what we see, even if there are other things there our mind simply blocks them out, they then become invisible to us.
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