Let Your Life Burn Brightly
Shining Inspiration
We should always try to endevour to bring light, colour, and beauty into the lives of each other.

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The Candle's Burning
  Aways find your guiding light, the beacon in your life, be it a person, place or thing - find your life path or life purpose then follow it with utter dedication, total focus, determination, concentration with a strong endeavour.

If we wander without any direction or focus of intent we will be like a ship lost in the mist, wandering aimlessly, open to any disaster that may befall us.

While our life may seem long, like we have all the time in the world, in actual effect our life is over quite quickly, almost in the blinking of an eye, sometime unnoticed time just drifts away in a flash, then finally runs out.

Make it your priority to use your time on this earth well, find your life focus or life path then pursue this goal with all the ferocity available to you, irrespective of the sacrifices required. Look for the guiding light or focus point that will lead the way for you. Gather people as well as resources around you who will be able to assist and support you in achieving what you deeply desire.

Light is the basic element that is everywhere in the universe, for without light there is only darkness, for within darkness there is nothing; for darkness is the negative making light the opposing true positive.