Our World is What We Make it
Confines of our Space
We should always maintain the intergity of our own private space guarding against undesirable intrusions

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Our Womb with a View
  Our private space reflects in reality what our perception of that space actually is, we have the ability to perfectly realise the environment we most desire, it can be ours just for the asking, it is just but a thought away.

The world is like a womb in which we live, we are surviving within it by using what we require and need from within this system we call our reality.

When you consider the wilderness, this was once the condition of the entire world, but over the ions people of immense vision moulded the environment into their perception of what the world should be.

The world is a beautiful place that is full of wonder, to find your perfect place of peace within the system is your right, for this is your life, your memories will be made by the quality of what you experience and your environment.

Dreams are like dust, if you don't hold and embrace them they will be blown away by the winds of time.