Walking with Cavemen
An upright Chimp
Indeed in the great scheme of things we are all one, we are all in this together,for this is all there is.

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Last Apes Left Standing
  While each of us are individual in our own way it is only a matter of time before one comes to the conclusion that we are all connected, we are all indeed one.

It is the conclusion of history that we, human beings, are in fact the last apes left standing, the rest have been condemned to extinction by time.

Our life, our reality as we interact with it, governs who we are, whether we accept this actuality or not is solely our choice, whether we change this reality or how we react and respond to it is also our choice. Life will be only what you make it or conceive it to be.

Touch everyone you meet like the wind touches the leaves of a tree, making them dance with joy, breathing a new life into them; blowing away the dead leaves of despair, hatred, longing, and the cobwebs of distrust and unfulfilled hope and dreams; making their life and things for them better, creating desires and fulfilling hopes and dreams. Just think for a moment how lifeless the world would be without the wind and the breezes that make our world dance. Make your world dance, be the breeze to liven up others lives.