It is the first steps that count

We all know the famous words; "A Journey of 1000 miles begins with 1 step." Just like our life, each step or stage of life can be measured in small - not a large - increments. Yet with the lack of focus and attention we can miss the chance to put enough thorough thought, preparation or sufficient action into specific stages of our life.

Life is sometime like a log floating on a river, left alone we can be assured the log will float down the river until it reaches the ocean. But it may get lost along the way, stuck in rocks, or beached on the side of the river bank, even left high and dry in some tributary pool; or even battered to a pulp in rapids or high water fall. Yet if the log is guided down the river, carefully, thoughtfully, attentively, it will arrive at the ocean faster and in much better shape. Likewise, by carefully thinking through the best course to take for each stage of our life we can ensure that we can reach our desired destination quicker, achieving more thoroughly that we we have desired.

The Choices we Make

It is invariably the result of the choice that we make through life that comes to determine our destiny, the what and the who we are,the what and the who we become or are becoming. The choices are always ours alone to make, it is solely up to us, in the final analysis it is us alone who can make the final decision. Of course we came blame others or circumstances, but in the final analysis, if we are truthful with our self, then we alone are the architect of our destiny. We alway can choose not to listen to others, not to proceed as they recommend or tell us to, while there may be consequences we can choose to do as we please.


There are many paths we can follow in life, the path that leads us to greatness, to mediocracy or a to simple life, or even insignificance. How we choose to live is up to us, these choices can be purposeful decisions or the result of us leaving everything up to fate. By far the better course is to be proactive in our life, taking an interest in every detail by micro-managing those things that will determine our future, how our life will turn out. Which road we choose to travel is our choice alone, we can also choose not to decide - leaving things to fate; it is all up to what we decide. Our progression though life can be a joy or burden, it all depends upon the choices we make and the paths we take.

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