Our beliefs are the driving force of our reality, as we perceive it, what we believe we conceive. It is of course true that there is no limit on what we can do, what we can have; yet to begin to understand, know fully, then believe this is the main point. Most of our beliefs are external, based upon things that we have seen or heard or have been exposed to during our life to now. In many cases we believe what we are taught to believe by society, by the ones we know and others we don’t, the media, movies, books, etc. Basically what we have been indoctrinated or brain washed into accepting as our beliefs, when in fact they are someone else’s. Mostly these implanted beliefs are aimed by other to have control over us, having us therefore think and behave in set ways. Our beliefs governs what we do, including who we are.

It makes more sense for our beliefs to come from within us rather than for external sources. Even though we can be selective about the beliefs we obtained externally, the selection of beliefs also comes from our conditioning over the years too. We should accept beliefs that when scrutinized through carefully considering them both from a logical as well as spiritual, gut feeling or perspective.

By searching our deepest thoughts, our soul searching, we can start to rebuild our belief system more accurately. Never be concerned about scrutinizing or questioning even the most sacred beliefs of our society; for if they can’t stand up to this in depth evaluation then drop, give up, reevaluate or modify that belief. Perspective also has a lot to do with belief, as two people can perceive something in an entirely different way, both believing the other has some different view. So, a different perspective can change a belief system too.

The beliefs we find within ourselves, what feel exactly right and true are the only beliefs we should consider and entertain. Beliefs are delicate and fragile things, they come and go like the changing seasons of our life. But beliefs should equal truth, truth that has substance not only in reality but also throughout eternity; you will know these by your inner senses, deep thought and feelings; then you will know what is right and what is wrong.

Never be afraid to abandon, to completely throw out from your consciousness, any belief that can’t withstand close scrutiny, the belief that doesn’t feel right, and the ones that don’t have any place in your reality. It is never too late to start anew, to start over, to completely rebuild your belief system anew. Only accept those beliefs that feel right to you, that make sence when you scrutiny them closely.

  • Never be afraid to completely disguard any belief that doesn't make sence to you.
The Concepts

Main Points:

Beliefs should be equal to truths.

Never be afraid to abandon any beliefs that can't withstand scrutiny.

Our beliefs govern what who and who we are.


Our beliefs are the driving force of our reality as we percieve it.

Implanted beliefs are aimed by others to have control over us.