Many people, perhaps most are so wound up with the cares of the day that they pay very little attention, if any at all, to their intuition, to their inner feelings and their sixth senses. Continual ignoring of these inner thoughts leads to them not being dominant, sometimes they become completely dormant, or in some cases just ignored. You must work to pay attention to these inner thoughts, or intuitions, or messages that come to you; this is true especially in a time of trouble or instability in your life, those intuitions will guide you to some solution if you simply just pay attention to them.

Yet what are we to believe, are those voices from within us, or are they in fact spirit guides, messages from the general consciousness, or a combination of both. Our ability to accept this fact will be governed solely by our beliefs, our willingness to open up to all possibilities, overcoming all the conditioning we have been subjected to as to what we should and shouldn’t consider and believe.

We are free spirits, we can believe whatever we want, we can create our reality from our thoughts and desires. We can indeed communicate with each other through verbal and audible means, but also we can communicate with others, as well as the general spirit consciousness, through non-verbal mental communication, mentally.

By continual effort to communicate subliminally, through thought, with our spirit guides and the general consciousness, gradually a strong connection well begin to form and exist, getting stronger the more that you develop and utilize this ability, until finally it will become second nature.

Communication is a joy to the spirit, we should never be an island, for if we are, we will whither and die mentally, emotionally, and our physical self will start to be impacted in unpredictable ways. We are creatures of the mind basically, we are more mentally oriented than physically, but the ways of life tend to put more emphasis on the physical growth and well being rather than on mental, spiritual, development and care.

Always be open to communicate with others at any time, both mortal and spiritual, either verbally or through non-verbal, mental, communication.

  • Communication is one of the greatest gifts that we have, therefore it is wise to utilize it fully and well.
The Concepts

Main Points:

Communication is a joy to the spirit.

We should never be an island.


We are capable of communicating both verbally and mentally.

We should always be open to communicate with others.