Guiding Light

There is always a guiding light in our life if only we open our minds to this fact. Most of us as so consumed with the mudane things of life that tend to dominate our every waking hour that we over look the most inportant aspect of our lifes, that is our life purpose - why we were born. We have eyes, yet we are blind; we have ears, yet we are deaf; we have senses, yet we can't feel or sense the most important things; that is unless we open our minds to the endless possibilities of our life, open our minds to our guiding light that always shines within us.

If we pay attention to those subtle messages that dance around our brain, give them credence, pay attention to them, then they will grow in intensity, bringing us answers to questions we have yet to conceive. Most of us dismiss these communications we channel, focusing instead upon the cares and issue of the day, drowning out the most important signals that come through to guide or comfort us.

Every single thing that happens has a purpose and meaning, it is our own decission whether we seek that purpose meaning; the answers are there for us if we just ask, then pay attention as the answers will surely come when the time is right.

If we don't pay attention to our inner self thoughts of wisdom then in fact we are just throwing dice, our life becomes a game of chance, a pure uncontrollable gamble. If we don't pay attention and take care our life will run out of control, without us even noticing it.

Light is knowledge, and knowledge will always light the way for us no matter what the endeavor may be; this knowledge is always available to us in a timely fashion if only we pay attention and look out for it. Life wasn't meant to be difficult, it wasn't meant to be a challenge; life was meant to be a joy our dance with a mortal concept called time. While we feel sometimes like we are swimming up river in the darkness, then it is time to simply look inside yourself for the meaning of what is happening, seeking answer that will guide you towards the best solutions, eliminating darkness and bringing a wonderous light into your life.

  • May there always be light in your life to guide you, amking your life journey full of joy and wonder.
The Concepts

Main Points:

There is always a guiding light.

Open your mind to the endless possibilities.


Pay attention to the subtle messages inside our mind..

Every single thing happens for a purpose and meaning.