The Winds Of Time

Reality with a dash of imagination, shaken but not stirred, please.

By Steven Redhead

Life is indeed a dance with time, a brief moment in eternity were you are given the valuable opportunity to experience and interact with the physical realm that exists all around you, seen and unseen. Few really take the chance to fully enjoy and benefit of the potential experiences or the true meaning of life, living merely day by day in the hope that their desires, dreams, and wishes will become true, which without sufficient action is certainly over-optimistic.

You are most definitely the creature of your own creation, by ensuring your environment is one of growth rather than fear you can ensure your life's journey is the most rewarding and pleasing one possible. It is the expectations, the imagination of what will be, the desire to make those concepts become real, then belief in these concepts high potential that will determine how the endgame is devised or envisioned and finally plays out.

Life is undeniably a game of chance, having the right desires then pursuing them relentlessly will determine the type of life lived, how it all actually turns out. It is within the myriad of chances, opportunities, choices, and decisions that make life the gamble that it truly is. There is always the chance to choose through decisions concerning which opportunities to pursue, or those to be ignored or rejected. Intuition can provide the impetus to make certain careful decisions, or alternatively by relying just on the flippant choices of the moment that can render a potential opportunity irrelevant.

The impact of your actions is unchangeable, there is only one direction and that is forward, there is no going back to start over again to adjust what has already taken place. For this reason, it is wise to think carefully before doing anything minor or major, for everything you do has an outcome, a knock-on effect upon your entire destiny. Time plays games with everyone to varying degrees, don't let time slip through your fingers without achieving the essence of your strong desires and persistent intuitive thoughts for what to pursue.



The Life Paths You Take - Find The Wonder

There is the opportunity within a lifetime to find the true wonder.

By Steven Redhead

The paths that you choose in life is always a personal decision, your responsibility alone, what you pursue that will make you what you are, as well as affecting who you are becoming. Each and everything you do changes your life’s outcome in some way, no matter how large or small. There are endless opportunities for change in this life, chances for you to alter your course or path taken through life at any time of your liking. There is a necessity to carefully consider each split-second decision as these can change the course of your life completely, forever.

Through making the correct directions in life it becomes possible to know the reason for what you perceive, the reason for being. There is always the necessary search out information, to become aware of the hidden knowledge behind and beyond the reason for life as it actually is, not as it usually is perceived. This information is not written on billboards, it requires a subtle search beyond the obvious, beyond what is known or easily assumed.

There is the opportunity within a lifetime to find the true wonder and meaning of what this reality is actually all about. There is the chance to shine a light upon all that really exists that can be found through the pursuit of the right knowledge concerning all that has importance and relevance to your life objectives. The information about the actual meaning of life is available to everyone simply through the effort of simply relentlessly seeking out the answers to all those intuitive questions that arise.

A personal journey becomes a search for the reasons, beliefs and the wonder of why the existence of consciousness became into being in the first place and exists in its current form; answers become available by always questioning what lies hidden behind the obvious. What is the purpose of life, of this actual existence itself, the purpose of the consciousness that exists or the reasons for the chance of being able to choose how to perceive what is observed or experienced? These are questions that could lead to beneficial answers and understanding of why what exists and became what is currently being experienced.

With a clear chosen destination, you can always know that at the final conclusion you will end up where you desired as long as you have the persistence to stay true to your ideas. You must never deviate from the purpose that you have chosen, to do so would be confusing, leaving fate to play whatever trick on you that the toss of dice should come up with. If you have faith that you have chosen the right path then stay true to that decision, your fate will be in your hands, the destination will with fortitude be the one chosen.

The supposed meaning of life commonly becomes the reality that is experienced, rather than becoming the meaning that is purposefully given to life, the desire of what life should be, what is possible to create through desire, imagination, and belief. Once in a lifetime, the moment comes along to follow the path that will provide the potential to understand the true meaning of reality and purpose of this life; the opportunity to obtain the important information of all that there is beyond the obvious, the reason for everything.

Your life can indeed be a long and winding road if you don't take the time to consider then decide what you really want from life, what you wish to achieve, whom you wish to meet, to decide the places where you want to go or visit. It is a journey that if well planned will meet your desires for this life, that will give you the most joy, including the most comfort when you come to reflect on what you have created. We all stranded in this life, similar to being isolated on some deserted island.


Life Is a Dance: With The Winds Of Time

Life is indeed a dance with time, a brief moment in eternity were you are given the valuable opportunity to experience and interact with the physical realm that exists all around you, seen and unseen.

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