Capturing The Essence Of The Moment

There is much beauty in life if you slow downlong enough to observe it.

By Steven Redhead

The dynamics of life offer so much potential that is quite varied that everyone can have the potential to find the most beneficial life path that suits them best. Desires and expectations are so diverse between people, even fluctuating individually without focus in many cases. What catches the attention can be fleeting or cause obsessive attraction that overpowers the ability to pursue what is of the greatest long-term importance. The butterfly mentality of flittering from one point of focus to the next, without sufficiently addressing what issues exist in a particular instance, is becoming a common malady in modern society.

There is always value to be found then extracted from each and every moment, all that is required is the ability or effort made to identify the most interesting or personally beneficial elements, then to capitalise upon them. Letting those special or richly endowed moments slip by unrealised is indeed a travesty, the value of which may be completely lost to time unless capitalise upon when available. The window of opportunity when the chance needs to be capitalise upon in some fashion is often brief, at times difficult to recognise as well as easy to miss unless constantly aware and focused is placed upon the external dynamics that exist within the personal zone of interest.

Attention grabbers of little value or purpose are constant in the modern world of mobile phones and the Internet, requiring the ability and necessity to control how these potential intrusions are allowed to invade daily life. Given an open invitation, these mind boggling attention catchers can come to govern your daily life in obtrusive and undesirable ways. Halting the ability of these habitual intrusions' to control your thoughts is imperative if personal intentions are to gain free reign to enable what potential achievements need to capture attention in order to be fully materialised.

The moments may offer up any emotion from joy to sadness with the whole gamut of other information within that spectrum to determine the final outcome. The response or lack of response to an unwonted external stimulus which alternatively could be completely ignored depends upon the individual attitude, along with the duration of any disturbance, which of course may take many forms and have different levels of intensity.

Choice of location is always a critical factor in determining the quality of life, while in some cases the choices are available, or perhaps no positive alternative can be understood or even thought possible. A combination of choice and chance is necessary to enable the life that is most desirable to exist. While not always fully obvious these choices and chances will always be available, either through the route to a solution or the solution is self either obvious or requiring identifying. Don't postpone making the decisions or taking the course that is necessary to provide the quality of life that you seek; the answers to resolve anything faced are always available in some form.

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The Journey's Game

This life is the conclusion based upon the accumulation of choices that have been made.

By Steven Redhead

Within personal desires the meaning and purpose of life are created, thus the meaning and purpose of life is the meaning and purpose given to life through where focus is placed on specific goals that are pursued with vigour. The purpose of life is the purpose you choose and then decide to pursue; there are no secret formulae that must be definitely followed or firm rules that must adhere to without fail.

Life is indeed an adventure where it's possible to meet many people and enjoy numerous experiences, to bask in the wonder of living. If burdened or dissatisfied with existence then rather than accept the way things are by persevering aim to start changing those undesirable circumstances. Any sacrifices that need to be made become worthwhile once life starts to improve by shifting focus from fear or stress, the oppressive control of others, or burdens endured, aiming toward a life of joy, contentment, and bliss. Always endeavour to be positive on your life s journey.

The realisation that the true meaning of life is solely based upon the meaning that you give to life; that what is experienced is a product of your thoughts; that undesirable elements are what are accepted through the inability to change or replace such circumstances for something better. Whatever exists will be as long as nothing is done to change what is undesirable for what is more preferable. By grasping control over reality it's possible to mould life to suit your wishes.

Always have a clear vision, a desire, of what you want. If you can't see what you want in your mind's eye then what hope do you have of seeing what you want within your reality. You are blessed with the ability to create, and with the constant focus on your dreams, it's possible to make what you want really come true. The potential is indeed infinite, there are actually no limits set on your potential or even what can be achieved, the outcome is only limited by the ability to see the potential of your desires, as well as the effort you are prepared to make to bring those desires to life.

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Life Is A Circus - The Essence Of Every Moment

Life has all the thrills and excitement similar in many ways to the big top 3 ring Circus. In life, there are daily performances, drama, enjoyment, excitement, risks, and then satisfaction after a successful day. Life is full of characters that resemble Circus personalities, clowns in their behaviour, ringmaster-like characters who are always active dictating and making demands, people taking risks like trapeze artists, all creating the enjoyment and satisfaction of observing life's events.

Life Is A Circus
By Steven Redhead
Paperback ISBN: 979-8820347054