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A search for truth through going beyond the normal boundries of thought.
We tend to create illusionary, yet seemingly real boundaries that in truth don't really exist.
Each of us has the right to live life as it was originally intended. Free from external control in a state of contentment.
Beyond Boundaries Organisation creating the seeds for thought stimulating web-sites.
Seek the true original purpose of our life.

Live life as it was originally intended.

That life was never meant to be difficult, it was meant to be a joy.

That we are limited only by our unwillingness to take action.

Controlled reality by thoughts & beliefs.

We have the sole responsibility for what happens to us in life.

Walk away from negative forces in life.

We are free to be anything was want.

From one point of view, we are now living in an age of darkness. We have lost our way; for most of us our true intent for our life path is vague at best. It should be our ideal to search for the answers that will lead us back to our true life path, the true meaning or purpose of our life. The right question is always the key to finding the right answer. Just as the silence in music contributes vastly to a music score; as silence of mind brings peace; the pause in poetry gives emphasis to the meaning; so too, the answers for which we search can be found in the silence, in the gap between thought, or when our mind exists in a state of peace our thought are free....
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