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A search for truth through going beyond the normal boundries of thought.

In the modern world it is getting increasingly difficult to find a place of true peace and contentment, where we can completely relax and really be at peace within and with ourselves.
Spirit Dance
Spiritrials site is dedicated to sharing thoughts that are born of the spirit's will and desire to communicate with us, to remind us of the purpose and reasons for this journey of life
Spirit Trials
It is within our capacity as humans to learn and grown from the things that have happened to us. Like a mirror reflecting our image, so our life reflects what we really are.
These pages are dedicated to bring you original thought provoking ideas about life and its purpose, that through contemplation can offer you some answers to the meaning Life.

These are solely my personal opinions, while they may help your understanding or aid in the search for what you are looking for, no guarantees or liabilities are assumed or implied.

Updated: November 2008
Copyright 2008. StevenRedhead.Org

It is in the brief moments that our chances in life exist, if we don't respond at that specific time the opportunity can be lost forever. Mostly we don't respond at the instant we should because we either can't rise to the challenge or believe we will gain some advantage by waiting, or believe the timing isn't quite right. Each chance has a certain value that we can obtain from it, by believing we can get more or thinking that by waiting the situation will favour us better will usually be met by disappointment. It is in the moment that we initially feel confident we should act that everything that can or is possible to be achieved actually exists. As long as we have a strong initial intuitive thought to act at that instant we will gain nothing by postponing our actions, we will get less than if we act in the limited change of the magic moment. Excuses such as timing is not right, a beliefs or thought that something extra or more secure can be gained by waiting, all lead to the lost opportunity of not acting in the moment, were all this possible is exists.

We bind ourselves by the chains of the burdens we accept willingly during our life time.
We can either accept or deny the various things that come to burden us or effect us during our life. By accepting these burdens we give them the legitimacy to exist, by rejecting or preferentially ignoring them we deny them the right to impact us, at least by the level of energy we can muster to deflect them. By setting ourselves free of the necessity to accept the unacceptable, by realizing we have the given right to rejects anything that is not positive in our life.

The quality of our destiny is governed by our action or inability to act, by our ability to dream or not, by our desires or lack of desires.
We are the masters of our own universe, this is our playground were we can do whatever we want, achieve whatever our hearts desire. Procrastination is a cancer that will destroy you, action is the solution to all that you may face, any action is better than no action at all. It is better to have small dreams rather than no dreams at all; it better to have small desires which will lead step by step to greater things than nor desires at all. The opportunities we are searching all exist, they may not be in the form we imagine but the are available to us. We have the chance to seek the favorable combination of circumstances that will result in us gaining the knowledge that what we want. While some options available to us may have an element of the unknown and unpredictable we have the choice whether or not we take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome.

To the contrary of what appears to be true, even in the most dire situation you have a wealth of choices. It is the ability to create a variety of choices, then determine how to proceed using those choices. Our potential is endless, it is not bound by any set of conditions, or limitations; our prospects are limited only by our ability to create options to answer the situation that we may be faced with. By never loosing hope, trusting in the true potential of the human spirit, relying upon our own ability to find solutions, trusting in other to help us achieve what we desire, our potential is endless.

Life is like a game, you can play by life's rules or play by your own rules, the choice is yours to make. Life is far too short, why spend it bent out of shape trying to follow rules that others make, it just doesn't make sense in the greater scheme of things. Of course we are bound by governmental rules, there isn't much we can do other than choose carefully where we reside. We can make rules for ourselves under our own terms, dictating how we react with others, and how they are allowed to interact with us. It is a mistake to take life seriously, no matter what happens there is reason in all things, it is our decision to take only what we want from whatever happens to us - discarding whatever we deem irrelevant. There are no winners or losers in life, this is not a game to win or loose, but a game to live through just for the sake of the experience.

To Live a life of peace and contentment, without any form of fear or aggression whatsoever. It is our birthright to live a contented life in peace without any element of intimidation or fear controlling us. We are free spirits at heart, therefore any scourge that exists in any form in our reality will cause us not to experience our life in all the wonder and joy that should exist. Space is the means by which we can divorce ourselves from unruly influences in our life; by putting as much space between ourselves and any state of undesirable influences whatever.

It's your life, your chance to walk in the light of day, to experience whatever your mind may desire. After all is said and done what are we left with at the end of it all, not only just the memories, but also the knowledge that we have gained that will help us to challenge whatever the future may hold for us. It is our moments of failure or disappointment that makes our triumphs shine even brighter; it is the contrasts, the uncertainty in life, that give life its excitement, it's texture and colour, it's wonder. To dream extraordinarily improbable dreams, then through our beliefs and desires make them come true is what life is all about. This is our chance at creation, to create our life dream, to experience the material world, to capture the reality all the senses and the wonder they bring to being alive.

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