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A search for truth through going beyond the normal boundries of thought.

In the modern world it is getting increasingly difficult to find a place of true peace and contentment, where we can completely relax and really be at peace within and with ourselves.
Spirit Dance
Spiritrials site is dedicated to sharing thoughts that are born of the spirit's will and desire to communicate with us, to remind us of the purpose and reasons for this journey of life
Spirit Trials
It is within our capacity as humans to learn and grown from the things that have happened to us. Like a mirror reflecting our image, so our life reflects what we really are.
These pages are dedicated to bring you original thought provoking ideas about life and its purpose, that through contemplation can offer you some answers to the meaning Life.

These are solely my personal opinions, while they may help your understanding or aid in the search for what you are looking for, no guarantees or liabilities are assumed or implied.

Updated: November 2008
Copyright 2008. StevenRedhead.Org

Illusionary Boundaries
The boundaries that we create or accept are illusionary, it is only when we contemplate beyond these boundaries that we set ourselves free from the constraints we have bound ourselves with. The mental or physical boundaries that we create for ourselves, or the mental or physical boundaries others may impose upon us, are only powerful or meaningful if we accept them, they are useless when we reject them or look beyond those boundaries for our true potential. We must always be curious, seeking what lies beyond the boundaries that try to bind us, limit us, constricting our true potential. To find what is really possible for our life we must always search 'Beyond the Boundaries' that are constricting us from achieving our true potential. We are confined by the various boundaries that our mind sets, that we then believe are the limits to which we can excel. By stretching these boundaries, by continually pushing the limits which we are lead to believe exist, we can gradually escape the confines we have committed ourselves to.

Looking 'Beyond Boundaries' offers us an insight into our actual true potential for our life. Carefully considering what is possible then taking the chances that are open or offered to us always will lead us to a better beginning, a new start. Society builds many restrictions for us, leading us to believe in what is possible or not, this is a limited view. For us to be beneficial to society we need to conform to the rules of that society, to what is possible, to what we can and can't do. While we must always abide by the laws of society, there is no such requirement regarding the arbitrary rules that society as a whole or organ is at ions or individuals may try to make us conform to or expect us to follow. Our intuition can lead us through the psychological gateways of any boundary that may be confining our true potential. Doing the best you could under the circumstance may not be the only or complete solution to what faces you, you may need to go above and beyond the norm in order to find the resolution you seek. In some instances we can spend a lot of energy to rectify something only to end up back at square-one, we should never aim for just getting back to the start point when we try to resolve something, we must seek to excel beyond where we started from, what we previously believed was the limit or best case scenario. By continually searching for the extremities of the potential that exists within us, looking for then finding the boundaries of our abilities they will expand enabling us to become who we should intend to become.

Reach for the stars, this is where all the ultimate possibilities exists; stretch beyond the boundaries yourself or others have come to believe in or have set as the limits of possibility.
The unknown always has some image or element of risk, some factors that are unidentified that could be a hazard or benefit, a plus or a minus. To walk a straight line may not be the quickest route to where you aim to go, you sometime need to experience the unknown in order to achieve what you need to achieve quickly. It is always possible to achieve what you wish if you have a firm belief in what you are pursuing can become yours, together with an unending desire not to give up until you get what you seek. It is the standards by which you live that give credence to the legitimacy of your thoughts. Never to just settle for something without making the extra effort to obtains the best case conclusion to whatever scenario you are faced with. We are given all the tools necessary to achieve our true potential in life, we are also able to overcome whatever stands in our way if we just have the desire to do so. It is our belief in the right we have to succeed that will enable us to rise to the occasion whenever the time arrives to distinguish ourselves by attaining our life goals. Our strong desire is the most important asset we will ever have as it will enable us to achieve all our aims.

Beyond our realization, beyond the limits that we set for our imagination, lies a far better reality. There are things that we can't comprehend, they exist of course, but because of there complexity we don't register them in our reality. The things we don't recognize are existing outside the levels of reality that we can comprehend. The unknown is always considered with scepticism because there is no knowledge or experience to confirm what may lie in store for us, what we may face by proceeding. Yet mankind through tout human history has always challenged the boundaries of understanding, the limits of possibility. Thus by questioning then testing our limitations are we able to then distinguish ourselves. It is only by challenging the limits that we place upon our expectations that we are able to truly excel, to achieve our real potential. It is our birthright to find then achieve our purpose in life, the numerous distractions that come our way are to test our resolve; in modern life it is easy to be lead far from our intended life path. The smooth flow of our life is a result of our dedication to attaining our true potential, or at least being on the correct path; we can only achieve this perfection by continually challenging the boundaries that exists in our life. We are on a mysterious journey of life, the end game of which has numerous possibilities that are mostly unknown to us. We are always in a position to go against fate by just choosing to do exactly what we feel at the moment. All the restrictions that seem to be in our way can be overcome, they only exist by the credibility we give them, by working to overcome these assumed limitations we can transcend then overcome anything that stands in our way. We must always seek to go Beyond Boundaries in order to find out who we truly are and where we should be heading in our life.

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