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A search for truth through going beyond the normal boundries of thought.

In the modern world it is getting increasingly difficult to find a place of true peace and contentment, where we can completely relax and really be at peace within and with ourselves.
Spirit Dance
Spiritrials site is dedicated to sharing thoughts that are born of the spirit's will and desire to communicate with us, to remind us of the purpose and reasons for this journey of life
Spirit Trials
It is within our capacity as humans to learn and grown from the things that have happened to us. Like a mirror reflecting our image, so our life reflects what we really are.
These pages are dedicated to bring you original thought provoking ideas about life and its purpose, that through contemplation can offer you some answers to the meaning Life.

These are solely my personal opinions, while they may help your understanding or aid in the search for what you are looking for, no guarantees or liabilities are assumed or implied.

Updated: November 2008

Copyright 2008. StevenRedhead.Org

A Search For The Truth
The search of a life time, the never ending quest for knowledge. We are all on a quest of some kind, to find something; be it our reasons for living, the answers to the various questions concerning what happens insideour specific life experience; what will become of us; the knowledge that will help us; no matter what we search for the answers are always there, we may not recognise then, or feel they are really what we are looking for, but the answers that are in front of us are many times our best possible conclusion to whatever may fave us.

The question 'Why' is a key one relating to the search for answers or enlightenment of some thing or other.
Why is this situation like this or that; why did this happen, or why didn't this or that happen, these and an all bunch of similar questions will get our attention during our life time. Whether we have the fortitude to search for or wait for the answers is the main point. Perserverence will always enable us to find teh answers to what we search. Whether the answer was there all the time but was waiting for the right moment, or the right timing, were the answer would more meet the needs or be more easily accepted. What is revealed to us is time sensitive. Timing as with many things is all important, if something we search for is revealed too soon or too late it will loose its specific impact or relevance. The search for knowledge can be endless because knowledge can exist in so many different or varied forms. The technical knowledge related to specific studies; knowledge about life; knowledge to help us live life and solve some specific or general issue relating to us, are some examples.

Each of us in knowingly or unknowingly searching for something, this is for sure.
Depending upon our tenacity, focus to find solutions; ability to understand the dynamics going on around us; the potential to see something so close to us and something so obvious, something right under our nose so to speak, will all help us identify those things for which we search. What to do in some situation that faces us is also a search for answers, a search for the ability to realize then understand the things that are sometimes not so obvious, or partially obscured in some way. It is true that what we seek we shall find, the issue is on whether the timing we be right, or whether the information will be sufficient or not to meet our search requirement. To not leave any stones unturned in our search for whatever of life's answers that we seek is the key element in our search for the answers to life's most curious questions.

Where does truth end and the lies begin? Sometime lies become truths and truths become lies.
Life is full of many surprises, things happen without warning, yet perceptions and interpretations differ depending upon what each individual needs what happened to mean, it's all about what each person has invested in the outcome that suits them. Of course there is always a wrong and a right, separating the two, finding out which is which can be a daunting task.

Since time began man has always searched for truth in various forms; truth about everything that is related to life and what happens during our time of earth. Truth means different things to different people; the convenient truth to support the reality we need to create; the desire for the truth behind some occurrence; the fragile truth which requires belief in order to have legitimacy; the legendary truths that are passed from generation to generation, that have credibility due to there history, through the generations that believed them; beliefs that with time become truths; lies that with continual telling become truths.

It is said that the truth will set you free, thus lies must imprison us, confining the liar to repeat the lies that they hope will come truths. If we tell the truth we have nothing to remember, the liar should be ever wary of the slip of the tongue that will reveal their lie to everyone. The more complicated the lies that are told the more stories they need to create to give the lie credence or credibility. Truth is always weak when faced with lies, because lies have more flexibility so therefore sound more plausible, more valid.

Everyone is searching for their own truth in some form or other, or they are trying at least to battle lies with their version of the truth. Lies hide or at least attempt to hide what is real, what is truth. Yet truth is fragile, weaker than the lies that sometimes break truth down, break truth apart, make truth into what seems like lies. It's our life, it's our life to do with exactly as we please, we can make of our time whatever we want, we can make our life shine or linger in the darkness of

What is the truth is always solely based upon what we are prepared to accept as truth, it is negotiable, variable, changeable, it depends on our acceptance, what we are prepared to accept at any particular point in time - be it well considered or on a whim. Sooner or latter we come to know everything; the limits or boundaries of which each of us search is governed by the truth we are prepared to accept, the truth we need to accept in order to move on with our life. We lie to ourselves in order to accept the truth as it shows itself to us, to make truth we come to know a convenient conclusion. When you have heard enough and seen enough and come to believe in it all, then we will know that we will never find what we are looking for unless we know exactly what it is that we are or have been searching for.

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