Cookies From Third Party Sites

You may find the use of cookies used by various Third Parties when you click links on and subdomains then access external websites such as,, Social Media Links, links to images used and their licenses, links for the website's template license, and so on that are used by these services to obtain statistics.

Cookies when submitting The E-mail Contact Form

As mentioned in the Cookie Policy this site uses an external mail server, we use, a SurveyMonkey Inc. company who are based in the USA and are participants in the EU-US SurveyMonkey Europe UC.

Name Category Host Expiry Description
ep201 Functional 1 hour Set by load balancer, user tracking for abuse and troubleshooting problems.
ep202 Performance monitoring and enhancement 1 hour Used as a unique user identifier to test experiences (e.g. display various color combinations to identify what’s most effective). It’s also used on our respondent experience page to measure form completion rates.
JSESSIONID Functional Session Used to track and monitor system health.
nid Security cookie set by form author 6 months Used by Google to track Captcha. See the  Google cookie page for more details.
wuX Functional 1 month Used to track the progress of a form submission.
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