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Life Coaching Systems

Life Coaching Systems introduces the most revolutionary ways to view life. Bringing the possibilities to life, by making you aware of the options available for creating the life you desire.

Book Of LIfe Series

The Book Of LIfe Series is designed to give inspirational seeds of thought that are intended to help you find your way through life, guiding you to formulate the options for creating a better life and world.

The Powers of The Heart

Start changing your reality today by setting your desires in motion by connecting to the heart consciousness. Bring your heart power into play to create the things that you wish in your life through energising your desires.

The Laws of Creation

The Laws Of Creation provides insight into 'The Secret' of what 'The Laws of Attraction' are all about; creating the life you deserve. Creation though imagination, desires and belief the things you want in your life.

Creating Your Reality

Through imagination, focused thought, desire and beliefs, persistence, endurance, as the master of our known universe, we can create within our reality the things that we desire.

The Solution

The Solution provides novel insight into What the Laws of Attraction are really about; how to harness the power of creation within us to make life what you truly desire. It's all about creating the life you deserve.

The Powers of The Heart

Start to tune into the creative abilities of your heart for they are the essence of life. Utilising The Power of The Heart is the most significant choice you will make in life; it is the Key to accessing everything.

The Powers of Creation

Within you are the elements of creative consciousness which enable you to begin changing your reality for the better. Set your desires into motion, start pursuing your dreams, enliven your true desires for your life.

Cafe Of Life

In the continual quest to learn life's secrets, the question concerning the purpose of our existence, the lessons we should learn, eventually come up.

Philomind's Pages

Links to the the Projects, Social Media Sites, Videos, Publications and the Articles Archive of Steven Redhead, aka Philomind. The aim of the Philomind Project is to create life changing ideas enabling live to be life intended.


These pages are dedicated to bring you original thought provoking ideas about life and its purpose, that through contemplation can offer you some answers to the meaning Life.

Memoires Last Standing Pulpit

A place to express the thoughts, ideas, desires, wishes, hopes and dreams that are lingering restlessly within the tundras of the mind.