There is freedom within the potential to choose how to live life.

Life has many opportunities, identifying these or following intuition for what feels a right direction to pursue, while not letting chances drift by is very critical to achieving the desired result. Not paying attention to the various dynamics of life can lead to unwanted realities taking on an undesirable aspects, resulting in bringing about experiences that are not constructive or positive.

Make Life What It Can Be

Life is an open book as far as potential is concerned, the limits are self determined based upon what you are prepared to do to achieve the most ideal outcome. Isolating what to focus upon, concluding exactly what to achieve including how that is done is critical to the final outcome.

Fate decides your future if you don’t intervene.

A clear vision for what you wish to achieve for your future always trumps over a lackluster approach by allowing fate to take control by simply having the attitude to just ‘see what happens’.

Don’t be a creation of circumstances, take full control of your destiny.

There is potential in the modern world to become surrounded by manipulative agents, those who have the objective to mold others to their will and desires in order to achieve their own objectives or outcomes. It is always ideal to resist such dominating characters, while they may add some elements to your life at some stage they will gradually become more demanding and controlling. Their only objective is to gain some benefit from the association with you, thus they will constantly be taking advantage and making suggestions that will bring you around to their way of thinking or push you into a course of action you don’t fully wish to participate in. There is a need to be firm and when situations are ideal and acceptable for you it is fine to concede, but when the direction is against your will and desire then a strong stance should be made to avoid any unwanted manipulative moves.

The heart is your most untapped resource, with an immense capacity to create and control your reality.

Your imagination and dreams and bliss can be brought to life through the desires of your heart. Harness the full capacity of your heart through paying attention to your innermost intuitive thoughts.

What you are prepared to accept or not prepare to tolerate sets and determines the boundaries of how your life will be lived.

It is important to fix what you can and can't accept across a range of circumstances so that you're in a position to react appropriately when necessary.

Activate your true desires by tapping into the intuitive consciousness Power of Your Heart.

Always pay attention to the intuitive messages emanating from your heart, as these will highlight your true desires.

What is the meaning of life?
Life has the meaning that you give it.

The meaning of each persons' life is solely their own gift, finding this meaning is paramount in finding joy in the purpose that you give to life.

Like beating iron when it’s hot enough, issues are also easier to forge and manage while new.

Letting any major issue ferment due to not taking action can make that issue harder to deal with in the long term. Of course, there are other issues that are better ignored completely and allowed to fade away naturally. There is potential for certain issues to become more complexed and unwieldy when left unresolved without attention to control or resolve them.