Fate decides your future if you don’t intervene.

Being proactive in determining your future is much wiser than taking a passive stance; nothing of substance and value is achieved without a strong focused effort.

Don’t be blown around by the winds of time, avoid being a creature of circumstance.

Always create through your desires the circumstances you wish to experience and how these will evolve.

All your tomorrows are a reflection of your thoughts today.

Your thoughts are seeds for future events.

Don’t be a creation of circumstances, take full control of your destiny.

There is a high potential for circumstances to control thoughts and actions, perhaps positive or perhaps not. Rather than allowing circumstances to control thoughts and actions used thoughts and actions to control circumstances.

There is freedom within the potential to choose how to live life.

While there may appear to be constraints and barriers affecting how your life progresses, in fact, these are easily overcome through perseverance. There is freedom to choose what to pursue in life and how those objectives will be achieved and on what time scale; when these choices drive firm actions and intentions remain dominant and unfaltering the desired goals will be achieved.

Learn to open your heart and mind to the infinite wonder that exists for you in life.

The heart power once fully awakened is capable of realizing the things necessary within your reality to make life wonderful. The heart will find peace within your world for you whenever you follow your heart's intuitive messages; as the heart is focused upon the spiritual and eternal as opposed to the trained logic of the mind, which is focused on the material.

Why be satisfied when with effort things can become better.

Strangely with some fixed desires, by focusing on them while negating their opposites as not being wanted can bring what was actually desired about easier than if attention was placed only directly on what was intended. Like concentrating on what isn't desired comes to bring about a firmer focus on what is desired, making that requirement easier to achieve. It's almost as if thinking what you don't want can enforce what you actually do, enabling the potential for what you really wish to acquire to become stronger.

Believing in or trusting fate is akin to gambling.

Believing in or trusting fate is akin to gambling; is such cases not only the journey but also the destination is completely up for grabs by unknown forces. Fate can be like walking a tight rope or walking on thin ice, it could be all right but one false step or misdirection has potential to turn everything into an undesirable experience.
Everything should be predetermined through careful planning or thought; if action is taken without sufficient knowledge or information regarding the potential for what could possibly come about then unknown uncertainties or surprise scenarios may result.

Belief is the strongest power you can bring to bear in order to realise your dreams.

The power of belief is the driving force for bringing your dreams into reality.