This life experience is a chance to spin the roulette wheel of life while trusting to win.

It is within the myriad of chances, opportunities, choices, and decisions which are readily available in this life that makes this experience become the gamble that it truly is.

It is necessary to strongly reject unanimously anything you don't fully wish to accept.

This is your life, your reality, so you can and should control every element of your time to best suit yourself. In the final analysis, you can formulate and decide each and every element of your existence and determine the unfolding of reality.

Those that wish to control you will always try to limit your options or eliminate legitimate choices that you could make.

Once you have a clear choice or option don't let others degrade or dismiss that, keep it strong, in focus, ensuring not to allow others to attack or weaken your ideas through their words or deeds.

The value of any friendship shouldn't be based upon what benefits can be obtained from that relationship.

The key element is stability that encompasses a mutual respect between the parties, a desire for give-and-take, ignoring and accepting faults, overlooking minor transgressions, being supportive when necessary, or minding one own business where relevant.

Becoming involved in a convoluted circle of entrapment in a specific issue will offer little if any personal benefit in the end.

Once trapped into a web of interacting with someone on perhaps some corporate or government level can lead to a complete waste of time and effort trying to obtain a solution or a satisfactory outcome.

You are like a stage set director through which you arrange then play out life's scenes.

You can change an event for the better or for the worst based upon your perception and reaction to what occurs. This is basically a chain reaction whereby the event affects your thinking then in turn your thinking affects the event's conclusion or outcome.

The narrative that can stand the test of time or be dominant is what will have legitimacy as fact but not necessarily the truth.

It is your reality so there is no necessity to accept the general consensus or someone else's spin or interpretation of what happened or how you should perceive things if these are contradictory to personal beliefs.

The more some factors are thought about the more persistent they become, some to the extent of a constant drain of energy in daily life.

Any focus of attention towards what is happening gives energy and life to the issues that allowed such nuisances to run rampant through daily thoughts in the first place, that focus in turn can cause further instability in whatever attention is placed upon, almost enlivening any intrusion into personal sensibilities.

Everyone has been manipulated in one way or another, to some extent. by others or societies organisations.

It is critical to recognise manipulation and whether you are willingly subject to such nefarious controllers. Knowing how to manage or fully negate any attempts to lead you where you don't intend is imperative, while dodging what you wish to avoid through your ability to choose not to fully comply.