The important point is to resolve matters as fast and efficiently as possible, with the least distress or impact to yourself.

Keep a clear focus on the salient points and avoid superfluous details, as some details take away focus from the main issue, which can lead to confusion of the primary issues at hand and prolong whatever you are trying to resolve or eliminate.

It is never ideal to assume what anyone may be thinking or that they perceive what occurs in exactly the same way as yourself.

Whatever happens, can be viewed through positively creative conclusions or destructive thought patterns. It is ideal to build up a social circle of such like-minded people, they will support you in both times of ease as well as in times of mental or physical distress.

How to combat fear is solely what the mind can achieve, for fear is a condition of the mind, so it's best to tackle and resolve fear by mental capacity.

Fear needn't be a negative force as it can be harnessed as a form of warning or planning, thus creating a challenge to transmute the fear that is being sensed. The stimulus caused by fear can be positive where it provides the determination to overcome or negate the element that fear is addressing.

Without value, any activity is simply a means of passing time that has no beneficial or useful purpose whatsoever.

Where the roads lead in life can be personally determined especially when a continuous effort is applied until the end result required has been achieved. Life has many twists and turns to the extent that careful consideration of which route to take is imperative, with an emphasis placed both on what to pursue as being important as well as what needs to be ignored or discarded, are of equal importance.

The essence of every moment is to find the reason or purpose for being in a particular place at a specific point in time.

There are more things active within reality than what can easily be seen or recognised initially, which through searching and looking more deeply it becomes possible to scratch the surface of life's true meaning thereby coming to a better understanding of life's specific and potential purpose.

Rigorous effort should always be employed to correct any wrong life course choices by diverting energies towards a more satisfactory and desirable conclusion.

Don't delay any necessary changes to your life plan, time has a way passing far too quickly, so much so that before you realise too many chances and opportunities have already been completely missed.

The effect or impact any occurrence has is only temporary, even though at first it may indeed be overburdening.

The main point that should be considered when overburdened with what may seemingly be an important issue, is the necessary to realise that such concerns are only a temporary nuisance; the options are to either completely forget the issue, or vigorously approach and resolve such matters immediately, there is no in-between state, and no middle ground.

Avoid letting circumstances dictate and control your thoughts.

Situations arise that seem important at the moment, demanding your time to be resolved or counteracted; yet upon reflection, looking back over the years, such issues had little true value or benefit connected to them, they were merely distractions that simply took your attention away from more valuable pursuits.

Don't become a victim of circumstances by surrendering control of your life to obscure things that determine what happens to you.

Situations that may occur in your life will demand attention, using up and stealing your valuable time. Avoid letting circumstances dictate and control your thoughts, also don't let others' reality be an overbearing concern, letting such issues dominate causes wasteful distractions.