Look to your wildest dreams to find your true intuitive desires, don't be bound by a society that just aims to control and manipulate you.

Don't become a victim of circumstances by surrendering control of your life to obscure things that determine what happens to you. It's nonsense to allow your mind to be manipulated by the reality that you encounter, avoid making excuses to pacify the distorted reality others perceive or create.

Words can be like diamonds or like swords, brightening your life or tearing you down, the final concluded outcome is solely under your control.

It is often not the words that are said but their interpreted meaning or the power with which they were used, rather having an interpretation that depends upon personal perception and how what was heard is allowed to have an impact or subsequent effect.

Words only have the value that they are given, they require the energy or form that is attributed to them to have some impact, be that good or bad.

Words only have the value that they are given, they require the energy or form that is attributed to them to have some impact, be that good or bad. Words carry some energy from whatever is their source; this can be kind and valuable, mean and malicious, gentle and informative. This energy carried by words can be absorbed exactly as intended with the ability to affect you in many ways unless they are deflected or given an alternative passive or positive meaning.

Life is fleeting, delicate in many ways, perhaps like walking a tight rope, determining in a moment of choice what is the perfect course to pursue to gain the best benefits available.

Time is indeed like the wind, which can only be experienced but never grasped physically for at the moment your attempt to do so the chance is gone and life has moved on.

Anything that can be conceived in enough detail will come true or can be achieved in its own time.

Focus your mind on what you want at this moment in time in this exact reality, otherwise, the specific details of your desires could actually be recognised in a different place in space and time multi-dimensional reality.

You are only bound and controlled by time if you subject yourself to time's demands, if you are subservient to time then it surely will rule every single aspect of your life.

The more effort you make to unhinge yourself from time constraints the more you will truly start to become free, the freer you become the more you will begin to know that time truly is effective for the purpose of total manipulation, as some intend it be become.

There is no logical sense of holding onto someone or something whose time together has passed; spare yourself the heartbreak and simply let go, and move on.

Change is the energy that creates the opportunity to bring a positive new life to the things that you already have or open up the potential to realise what is desired for the future. Without the element of renewal you are doomed to continually repeat known life's experiences over and over continuously without respite.

Basically, intuition is the best basis for determining if something is legitimate or not.

Anyone can come to an assumption about anything they want and then when projected with conviction and force has the potential to become generally accepted, this doesn't mean it's a true or a legitimate theory or simply a proposition posing as a fact.

Truth can be anything you want it to be; a fact is construed as anything you convince people to believe.

Reality is whatever you wish to make it, you can change your perception of world to suit yourself, but you should not do this to mislead or discredit someone else. Belief is based upon accepting a specific truth exists within your concept of reality, yet if some such concept can't sustain itself in the real world then indeed it must be assumed a lie.