Uncontrolled circumstances can create unexpected or unwanted outcomes that are driven totally by chance rather than specific choices to bring about exactly what is personally required.

Deciding from inspiration based on intuition often brings about desirable advantages, whereas random off the cuff decisions have the potential to create disadvantages or the unexpected results that may or may not be controllable.

Ideally, it's never wise to turn away from facing anything that needs addressing, this includes your own inner feelings, moods, or negative behaviour.

By identifying and being aware of any negative traits you can have more control over how they manifest within your life while negating any potential impacts, then at the same time working on overcoming and eliminating these influences.

Undeniably, a worthwhile exercise to pursue is by spending time to extract positives from any situation, immaterial of how dire things may seem in the present.

If any issues that arise are troubling you then more than likely it's possible to make matters much worse by fixating upon whatever you are facing rather than concentrating on how to resolve these matters as speedily as possible. Certainly, to think, plan, and consider potential outcomes is a worthwhile exercise in many cases as long as these thoughts are from a positive perspective that is designed to create the desired end results.

You have the power to change anything within your zone of influence.

Everything that is experienced causes some changes within you; while these changes may be subtle on a daily basis, the overall long-term impact can turn out to be substantial.

By ensuring your environment is one of growth rather than surrender you can ensure your life's journey is the most rewarding and pleasing one possible.

It is possible even to change completely the environment being experienced by allowing the mind to focus on achieving the means to bring about such a transformation. Within nature adaptation is the key principle required for survival; the main rule or mantra is either adapt no matter what the cost to the changing environment or perish.

Memories are changeable depending upon the passage of time and the perspective through which they are viewed.

Just like thoughts, memories are also changeable, being modified where necessary by the desire to recall past events in the best possible light. While thoughts can modify the perception of the present and control the ideas for the future, desires are also capable of modifying memories to better suit personal sentiments for what was, turning recollections of the past into what could have been a far better and rosier reality.

Well-being driven by a positive mentality is the most precious gift that should be cared for by controlling whatever you are being exposed to at all times.

Always keep a positive mindset irrespective of the circumstances by focusing on the better things in life. Create opportunities to identify and isolate joyous moments, along with combatting sadness with joy are some of the many ways to avoid sadness becoming a dominant force within your life.

Hesitation, second thoughts, false intuition, unjustified fears, worries of failure, the list of self-created barriers is endless.

You can live, think, and survive at a level that is just a partial expression of your true potential, or you can live in the light. Figuratively speaking, avoid walking in the shadows of life, rather identify the right path of light for it is only through the light that you can hope to find your true life path and who you have the potential to become.

There isn't anything that will be completely unmanageable, there are always solutions to whatever there is a desire to resolve if a persistent effort is made to eradicate any troublesome issues being faced.

You will never be challenged by anything in life that doesn't have the solution you are capable of resolving, you just have to seek it out and pursue the endgame you desire or need with persistence. Success always comes by effectively finding the satisfactory outcome required for those difficult challenges or annoying circumstances which are driving reality and potentially pushing the limits of patience at any particular moment.