Life is the opportunity to create moments of true wonder.

Create the best avoid the rest, why make chains to bind yourself with when there is the chance in life to make a concerted effort to create the life that will suit you the best.

True freedom is the choice to create the desires you believe in.

Whether you realize the fact or not, you do have the right to choose every aspect of your life; all that is necessary then is to pursue that desire with unwavering focus and energy.

Infinite possibilities exist if you are prepared to pursue them.

Open your eyes to the true potential that truly exists for you; don't be so wound up in daily issues that cause confusion that the real opportunities that exist are missed.

Persistent effort is what will create the life you most desire.

Whenever what you wanted didn't materialize or conclude as you had required that was more than like due to the missing ingredient of persistence. A consistent focused effort is often required to obtain or achieve what you set out to do, yet so many give up just when the conclusion required was within reach.

Find the hold onto what makes your life special.

Put emphasis on those parts of your life that bring the most joy, concentrate your desires and thoughts on what you want or need to make your life ideal.

What are you doing to create your reality rather than just leaving things to fate?

Being a prisoner of fate is a subservience that is akin to gambling. By purposely determining then creating the life and future that is required reality is more likely to do your bidding.

There should be a purpose and meanings given to life.

Living day to day can be relaxing for some, "just watch the wheels go around" as John Lennon once sang, yet having a sense of purpose makes the day far more valuable; don't waste your life chasing rainbows, focus on creating memories.

If you are not careful you will end up living the illusions that others have created for you.

It is imperative that you don't become a puppet of other people desires or manipulation, always follow your own well thought out and considered path in life.

Only pursue the things that are important to create or bring about the changes that you desire.

The choices of things to do and the numerous distractions of life can result in a lack of focus on what is really important and imperative to address. Determine what is really important to you over the long term, what is necessary to contribute to the future you desire.