What you think is what you are
An exercise in Realization
What is your identity living in the now passing in and out of dreams fighting to the finish.

Purpose to Propose
A brief moment of reflection drifting in thought can reveal who you are and who you are becoming.


In the continual quest to learn life's secrets, the question concerning the purpose of our existence, the lessons we should learn, eventually come up. Thus are we destined to search continually until it no longer matters when life is no more?

Life is like a Banana, ever changing colour - from green to yellow to brown and black, and all stages in between. Green is the colour of youth, nature, endurance, earth, health, abundance, and growth. Yellow is the colour of sunshine bringing light into our lives. It's associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. Brown represents friendships, fertility, earth, materialistic thoughts. Black represents sophistication, strength of character,,wealth, and of course the final solution, death.

___ Individual Thoughts & Ideas ___
Question Concept of what is and what isn't. Does your cup runeth over, is it half full or half empty - or do you just don't care and drink whatever there is without any consideration?
Answer Can you see the light or not?, Realization is the key to all things, is what is - is; then what isn't - isn't; or visa vera, basically nothing really matters because it it is all thought to be an illusion.
Realized To wake up to the facts is a true achievement. The true reflection of oursleves and our reality is variable and flexible and ever changing never constant.