•  Started in 1998, the site registration transferred to Steven Redhead May 5 2000.
  •  During 2005 a major effort was made to add a wide range of educational and inspirtation philosopy websites.
  •  Major DDOS attack brought the site down for an extended period in 2006 with a heavy loss of users during that time.
  •  During 2009 early 2010 three books were published, and dedicated site were hosted for these.
  •  Late August 2011 the site management was transferred from Japan to Spain.
  •  In 2012 the hosting company of the site was changed, thus providing more bandwidth and server speed.
  •  May 2013 saw another hack of the server on which www.stevenredhead.com is hosted causing the site and sub-domains to be unavailable for around a week. The site was reloaded, but the back-up had 404 link errors, which are being addressed gradually.
  •  February 2014 the site design was updated to a new more modern format, that enables the site to load quicker.
  •  March 2014 the server had issues from DDOS attacks resulting in a change of IP address.
  •  February 2014 the site design was updated to a new more modern format, that enables the site to load quicker.
  •  Switched hosting company to a faster server.
  •  Updated Life Coaching Systems page 2016, added outline section of published books.
  •  The sites were updated to a modern interactive format during early months of 2018
  •  Some of the outdated sites were taken off line.

The Sensational New Perspective on Life

The websites hosted at stevenredhead.com provide articles designed to give inspirational seeds of thought that are intended to help the audience find their way through life, guiding them to formulate the options available for creating not only a better life, but also a better world. The articles address insights into life's many issues, provide motivating ideas for how to create a life people desire. With the aim is to create life changing ideas that can act as inspiration to enable everyone to live life as it was originally intended.

The sites purpose is to teach how to discover, utilize then release the untapped energy of creativity; learning to banish mediocrity in order to live up to the potential that exists in everyone through the application of Creating Your Reality techniques. An accumulation of ideas and choices are proposed that could let the reader change their life and persona for the better. For change is the most beneficial and strongest power in the universe.

The Key Concepts

The website articles are intended to motivate, inspire and educate audiences, enabling the reader to take away and use highly practical ideas that achieve enhanced performance both in private and business life. The concepts are designed to give inspirational seeds of thought that are intended to help find a better way through life, guiding the reader to formulate the options that available to everyone for creating not only a better life but also a better world.

The information contained within these website publications are solely for educational and reference purposes only and should be used at the reader's own discretion. The information on the various web-pages should not replace consultation with a competent healthcare professional. The author and publisher are to be in no way liable for any use or misuse of the material in these publications.

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Articles From The Published Books

A selection of 12 inspiring articles based on selected paragraphs taken from the published books which are intended to offer sparks of inspiration and insights into the various aspects of life. Gain perspectives into what these books are aimed at achieving, shining illuminating realizations that have potential to lead to happiness and personal growth which is gained through gaining awareness of the means to achieve the fulfillment and purpose of life that is desired which can be achieved through transforming opportunities.

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