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Clean Fun

Funny Medical Definitions

• Artery:  The study of paintings.

• Benign:  What you be after you be eight.

• Bacteria:  Back door to cafeteria.

• Barium:  What doctors do when patients die.

• Cesarean Section: .A neighborhood in Rome.

• Catscan:  Searching for kitty.

• Cauterize:  Made eye contact with her.

• Colic:  A sheep dog.

• Coma:  A punctuation mark.

• D & C:  Where Washington is.

• Dilate:  To live long.

• Enema:  Not a friend.

• Eyedropper (i'-drop-ur):  A clumsy ophthalmologist.

• Fester:  Quicker than someone else.

• Fibula:  A small lie.

• Genital:  Non-Jewish person.

• G. I. Series:  World Series of military baseball.

• Hangnail:  What you hang your coat on.

• Impotent:  Distinguished, well known.

• Labor Pain:  Getting hurt at work.

• Medical Staff:  A Doctor's cane.

• Morbid:  A higher offer than I bid.

• Nitrates:  Cheaper than day.

• Node:  Was aware of.

• Outpatient:  A person who has fainted.

• Pap Smear:  A fatherhood test.

• Pelvis:  Second cousin to Elvis.

• Post Operative:  A letter carrier.

• Recovery Room:  Place to do upholstery.

• Rectum:  Darn near killed him.

• Secretion:  Hiding something.

• Seizure:  Roman emperor.

• Tablet:  A small table.

• Terminal Illness:  Getting sick at the airport.

• Tumor:  More than one.

• Urine:  Opposite of you're out.

• Varicose:  Nearby, close by.

• Vein:  Conceited