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The flock were mezmerized by the chick on TV, even though she was in a spin for most of the time though. While the roster was hen-picked he was still luckily able to get a quick gander at the show.

The dinner time show was the chick family's weekly favourite that then never missed to tune in to; they thought the program was chicken licking good.

The turtle was recovering slowly from the experience of being scraped off the wall. The attept to stuff it back into the shell failed completely, it was a disaster.

The turtle was souped up from what had just happened was an unexpected shock. After shelling out for a new shell the turle planned to go on with life as normal, except for wearing the shell backwards, hoping to get a heads up in furture.

The excuse that the diet of bananas that had been sprayed with some new biological pesticide didn't go down very well. The cock was just greatful it wasn't Easter!

No other excuse being available the hen just had to wing it and blame the waste disposal plant near by. The only other idea of an angel had visited her didn't fly at all, angels just don't come with 4 legs and a trunk.

Due to a recent accident Pete's Pet Shop is holding a Fire Sale all this week, with pets at hugely discounted prices.

Pete was quoted as saying that not only are these pet easy to look after, you don't need to take them for a walk or even feed then. He did stress that they need regular dusting as they tend to gather dust quickly.

One word of waring from Pete is that you need to take care not to knock or bump into these pets as they are extremely brittle. He did also offer to spray paint them if the standard black colour was not to your liking.