You Are Limited By Your Unwillingness To Take Action

Actions Are Thoughts Brought To Life

It is not possible to change what has already occurred, therefore it is not wise to dwell on the things of the past, unless you do so in order to gain more value and knowledge from what happened, or have the intention to use such analysis of the experience in the future to an advantage.

Each small action changes the world in some unseen way, everything you do has an impact irrespective of whether this is evident or not.

From the small seed a tree is born and in the same way, each action propagates others that combined become your life, impacting who you become.

These actions mold who you are gradually evolving into, changing minutely sometimes unnoticeable, but as time passes you become different from what you have been in the past. It is these changes that will govern who you are, who you become, therefore take great care with everything you do, as it will impact you immensely over the long run.

Love the moment for its simplicity,
It may give or take nothing from you,
But, for a blinking of an eye,
It will have changed so many things forever.

Ensure To Utilize All Your Intuitive Heart Felt Desires

Time is a fickle thing, it comes and goes in a constant cycle, seemingly giving nothing and taking nothing, just passing. What you make of time depends solely on putting your intuitive desires into action; you can value your time or waste it, savor every moment or languish in a hell of your own making.

It is the desire within that will lead you down one path or the another. So with your salient right to choose it is the wise to follow your intuition even if that becomes a difficult path to follow, or alternatively forsake the opportunities available to take the materialistic way of life that so many come to follow.
It is those things that can't be seen or touched that have the most value, love, happiness, peace, caring, beautiful memories, these are the things that will stand the test of eternity. Material things are temporary and so is their value, and in the concept of eternity, these have no worth or lasting value, for when you die all you will take with you are your memories.

Your life will spiral and run away if you don't take control.
When you finally reflect upon your time on earth,
only then will you notice that time passed by so quickly
and that you did times' bidding rather than the other way around.
Is life purely a distraction, a kind of playground retreat for spirits, a place to come to ease the boredom of an eternity. So as an alternative to immortality, we become mortal, to experience a whole myriad of emotion and feelings as well as to take with us when we leave a whole array of memories to reflect upon when there is no time and physical space.

Freedom is found within what you aspire to become.

Mirrors Of Reflection

Reflecting On Life, Its Meaning, And Purpose

Reflecting on what has happened to you in your life is the best way to understand your life's path and the intricacies of what has occurred and is occurring to you. It is within your capacity to learn and grown from the things that have happened to you.

Like a mirror reflecting your image, so too your life reflects who and what you really are.

Probe Your True Potential

To wonder who you are, why you are here - alive. What is the purpose and potential of your being? This is your chance to be, to dance upon the stage of space and time, to be mortal and to relish in the glory or your future immortality.

The time to reflect

Life is full of hustle and bustle, rushing here and rushing there; time seems to just pass by so fast that before you know it time will have run out. If you don't stop, listen and reflect upon what has been and what you want for the future, the sands of time will leave you as dust blowing in the wind.

Considering Your Life

Learn from the past and present in order to prepare yourself for the future; this will assist you in how to deal with things that will occur in the future in the most beneficial and efficient way.

Longing For Something In Your Life

It is human nature to always be longing for something or other, it is a never-ending story of yearning to acquire some material possession or physical pleasure. Yet material things are only temporary, a fleeting desire that is fed by an unending appetite to obtain or achieve something. All material trappings have a very short lifespan before they lose focus, deteriorate, become out of date or breakdown then need replacing with newer or different trinkets that caught your attention.

The Potential Is Yours To Harness

Beyond your wildest dreams, lies the door to your potential reality. Create your ultimate reality through a strength of focus and desire, that through your imagination, your expectations can be manifested within your experienced reality.

Make Your Desires Real

Look around you at all the things that man has crafted from nature, from the simplest thing to the most complicated, they all came from the earth. You too can also model and manipulate the things around you to your own desires and will. All that is required is the firm desire, a strong imagination, and persistent perseverance to continue until what you wish for is yours.

Create Your Legacy

It is upon the pages of time that your passage through life is recorded. Each detail, every moment, no matter how important or insignificant. This life is your book to write, your great adventure and endeavor upon the stage of mortality. Yes, this is your chance to be, your opportunity to grasp every gift of opportunity that comes your way and turns them into miracles.

Potential Lies In The Future

It is within your imagination that the future lies, potentially hidden amidst the cares of the day, perhaps forever lost in the realm of wandering thoughts, true majesty belongs to those who can focus on what they want and keep the desire strong until they achieve what is required.

Every single thing that you experience originated from either your thoughts, words, or actions. The seeds of your reality are created through your desires; you make these desires real by your belief in them.
You make all the choices and decisions regarding how to create the life you live. Your life is built on your thoughts, through belief in them, your thoughts become experiences. The accumulation of your thoughts, turned into experiences through belief become your life.

Reality is based solely upon your desires, brought to life by your imagination, given credibility by your belief in them.

Conceive & Believe To Achieve

The Mind has immense power to control all the reality as you can perceive, and then interpret it into a form of your desires.
What you comprehend to be real may or may not be so.

MindWave Offering

Temporary Satisfaction

Whatever you are longing for,..

be it something in the short or long term, the thing you desire will only provide a temporary solution and satisfaction; it will last only until replaced by the next thing you desire, which in turn will be replaced by the next in a never unending cycle.

MindWaves Heart

Things Of Importance

Don't lose the chance..

to blind yourself to the things of true importance by focusing only on daily matters, things of material value, the things of the moment, that have no real long-term value and what you will have forgotten in no time at all.

MindWaves Magic

What To Comprehend

The things in your life..

that will have the most value over time are relationships, what happened and the wellbeing of those around you, your life will take on a deeper meaning by shifting focus away from material things of temporary value.

Take time to reflect upon the progress of your life

It is just a blinking of an eye, or so it seems, that life passes by so quickly, not noticed on a daily basis, but in those moments of reflection when you feel that life passed by ever so fast. The demands upon your time lead you down roads you had no eternal interest in, and steal from you the right of free passage upon the earth.

It is within this dance with time that the meaning of your mortal existence will be made clearer to you, little by little. The knowledge would most surely have served you better and well if you had known it from the start. Yet if that were the case the journey would have less intrigue and the final realization less impact if this was to be so.


Your True Potential Lies In The Future

In this modern world of hustle and bustle, rushing too and throw, consumed by the cares of the day, it is easy to lose sight of what the true purpose of life really actually is. The time to contemplate things the way your forefathers did is not always available to you. The demands of the day, your work, family & friend, as well as all various distractions that you create for yourself to pacify your desires, all leave little time to consider the true meaning of your existence.

The winds of time are not kind to all men, why some have more possessions and a richer life than others is a mystery to most people. But the weak are either made stronger by their struggles or they are left by the wayside in despair. A focused desire and strong willpower will overcome all of the struggles that are actually a fleeting moment in the scheme of things.

All the things that you experience are solely for the purpose of giving you something to reflect upon throughout eternity. Your every thought, memory, all your wishes, hopes, and dreams will be remembered for evermore. Therefore, choose wisely your thoughts, dreams, and actions, for they will be with you in eternity, unchanging constant. This for some can be heaven and for others can be hell.

It truly seems the sole purpose of life,
is that we should experience as many things as possible,
for what else could there be to do during eternity,
but to reflect in great detail,
upon the things that have happened in this life.

Realization Is The Revealing Of Life’s Illusions

It does seem like many have lost their way and forgotten the purpose and meaning that this life was intended to achieve. Now the focus has become mainly on the material things and how to grain increasingly more wealth and products as if these are the only means to become satisfied.

The mind has taken control of the body from the spirit and is increasingly ignoring the reasoning and requirements of the higher conscious self. So many have lost sight of their reason for being.

Yet if only just stopping to think and contemplate for a while it becomes possible to realize that the only thing it is possible to take with you when you die and leave this earth is your memories and within those memories the love you gained.

Of all the gold and riches you may own,
These material accompaniments will bring only temporary joy,
They will all have no value with the passing of time.
Everything you perceive is a reflection of who you are, how you think, and who you are becoming. The future holds endless promises, maximize your potential by planting the seeds of your desires for what your future will be. Only the future offers you the opportunity to become what you want. You can't recreate the past, but you can create the future you desire and dream of.

Don't be a creation of circumstance, Have a vision for your life, Every day is a chance to pursue what you desire, Make all the choices that control your destiny.

Avoid becoming manipulated by the illusion of who you think you are; you are the creator of the world that you perceive.

The route to change is through thought

Thoughts are how your mind communicates with the world and also the universe; change becomes possible by pursuing creative thoughts that compliment your desires.

Freedom is found within what you aspire to become.

It is never too late to realize what are really the most important factors in life; then finding the ways and means to achieving that reality. Everything has the potential to exist, all that is necessary and required is the belief, vision and continual focus to make life exactly what you wish it to become. Don't lose sight of the potential of what can be in relation to what exists by being tied too firmly to the present though solely focusing on the current reality being experienced.

Coming to an understanding of how best to achieve your desires, while creating the means to manage the complexities of life, by doing what gives life to your dreams, are the elements that need to be identified through realizing which key components are necessary to achieve what you wish to make the life you really want.

Deception Is A Belief In The Imagined

What are you to value most during your time on earth, the time you have to spend, the people you share this time with, your families, friends, and acquaintances. All the experiences, each one so rich, but mostly taken for granted or possibly felt to be mundane, because you don't realize yet the true worth within eternity of your life time's experiences.

Each moment should be savored and enjoyed for it will never return. The people you know will change, they come into your life and also leave, new friends, old friends, people you know, family, all will come and go in an ever moving cycle.

Then if by magic time will pass so quickly on reflection that you will wonder where it went, how it passed so quickly, as if in the blinking of your eyes your life was over and done. So savor the moment, enjoy each breath, maximizing the time you have. Find what gives you the most joy and pursue your dreams, achieving to the best of your ability what you set out to do.

Have A Vision For What You Want Your Life To Be

The concept of time as comprehended within your mind is set in place from the moment of your birth. But in the true physical reality, this force called time fills up all the space only once it has been recognized as the sole controlling factor and your free will then subsequently becomes subservient.

Time becomes infinite within everything you do, yet with your mind you can manipulate perception, and time will then do your bidding if you lead the way forcefully. All things are created here in this reality in time, from physical thoughts to material things, so let your mind's power reign free in order to make your life fully complete.