Confusion can be ignited by thoughts, words and deeds. Confusion can be induced purposefully to achieve an agenda, to gain an advantage.
Confusion can be an induced state solely for the purpose of gaining an advantage or upper hand in a negotiation or some facet of life. When a person sets out to specifically cause confusion in order to gain an advantage over others then they are likely to be quite destructive in their nature. Using confusion as a type of weapon is only as good as the duration it can be maintained. Once others realise the confusion was induced they are likely to either react in kind, become more confident in forcing their demands, or walk away in disgust; rarely let their guard down or trust the one who purposely confused them ever again. Confusion always has the ability to cause an illusion or dilution of arguments in relation to the true facts. By standing by logical thought, immaterial of the number of detractors, offers the way to clarity. Always be fully aware of the value that some place on causing confusion in order to get their own way.
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The facts if distorted or out of sync with beliefs can cause confusion; how much depends on the divide that exists between ones understanding and beliefs and the interpretation of reality.
Confusion is a purposely induced illusion

Proven facts are what can only be trusted

Beware of negative agendas, towards you

Being well informed helps avoids confusion

Being confused is not a legitimate excuse

Stupidity is confusion on steroids

Seek facts, never assume when confused

Confusion is caused by either the inability to process what is going on, or a divide so large exists between beliefs and the reality being experienced. Confusion can be real, or frained as an excuse or reason to avoid accepting some concept or idea. It is always a good excuse or way out to state that the opinions of others are confusing or contributing to confusion. Confusion may be feigned or used as an excuse to gain more time to extricate themselves from a particular range of situations that are deemed unwanted or unacceptable. Being confused is an ideal excuse to gain more time or to avoid doing or agreeing to something that is to be avoided.
Truth emerges more readily from error than from confusion. Francis Bacon

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