Creating reality

There is a world beyond our realization, the world of mystery, the world of seemingly illusion; where what is real is not real, what is real is unreal - for these reason we fail to perceive it, for it doesn't match our sense of logic, so therefore ceases to exit in our reality, within our understanding and perception.

Life is indeed a dance with time, a brief moment in eternity were we are given the brief opportunity to experience interaction with the physical realm that is around us. Few really take the chance to enjoy the true experience or meaning of life, living mearly day by day in the hope that their desire will become true.

We are said to be masters of our universe creating what we believe into what we conceive then this becomes what we perceive. We create over and over, in a vicious cycle, the same things again and again if we are not astute enough to realise that is is our chance to be, to do as we please. To take full control of your life, your reality, is your birth right, to fail to do so is a travesty of the worst imaginable.

Use your life time well creating a thing of beauty and wonder for all to marvel at, for this will be your legacy written here for all time for all to see.
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