Deception is a device to control oneself or others by twisting or inventing the truth into an easy acceptable form, purely in order to manipulate.
Deception is the pit of delusion and illusionary forces that disguise the facts to gain acceptance or create ignorance of the true dynamics at play. A state of delusive deception can be a minds ploy to avoid accepting facts that are destructive in some way or thought that are undesirable. An escape from reality by replacing unwanted facts with an imagined or altered version of events. Not facing the truthful facts is always a short term solution, as reality is persistent in the general accepted view of anything being more forceful than individual imagining or belief, be they real or imagined. A delusion that exists for an extended period of time can take on a life and legitimacy of its own, becoming the accepted and legitimate view as more people buy into the concept.
Those who wish to deceive have the innate ability to wrap their ideas in seemingly logical selfish desires purely aimed to control the thoughts and actions of others.
Just because someone said it’s true doesn’t make it so

Trust your intuition, not others belief systems

Deception is a belief in the imagined

Any substitute for truth should be rejected

Belief should be limited solely to the facts

Deception is a noose to strangle reality

Avoid being mislead by others false beliefs
Self deception or deception initiated and controlled by others both have the necessity to be backed by some form of strong or persistant belief. Without teh participants buying into the related belief system any particular deception will prove unfounded, therefore requiring ongoing falce clarity to prevail. Deception has as many forms as the various purposes it is used to disguise or promote. With self deception the purpose could be to avoid accepting some facts or truth that are inconvenient, too painful, uncomfortable, hard to comprehend or face or simply unacceptable or unthinkable. Facing the truth, the facts as they are, avoids any self deception, keeping the mind clear to process the situation the conclude the best way to resolve the matter.
Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak. - Sun Tzu

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