Ask the questions that will cause the realisation of which elements of life can make the journey and the destination more desirable.
It is only possible to realise ones true capacity to achieve anything until coming face to face with the demands of what needs to be achieved. There is potential to achieve whatever one believes is possible, for in that belief is the magic that makes things happen, that brings about the desires and enlivens the soul. The ability to strive for perfection, especially to bring a concept into existence, is the driving force for success. Achieving the true potential that exists not only within oneself but within what is pursued will enliven life, making it more wonderful. If you don’t meet your true potential life will only provide a fraction of what is possible for you. Accepting that what has been realised should never be discounted or ignored, never forgotten or not acted upon. Life is all about maximising the effort to bring the things you can access to full potential.
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Time clarifies and reveals the true essence of all things; bringing to light the actual feeling of others, as well as the real dynamics of each situation.
Subtleties can indicate the real situation

Careful attention indicates what others really mean

There’s value in realising what is really going on

Realisation renders any disillusionment to its core

Perfection is an illusion that realisation reveals.

Reality is the best teacher of life’s true condtion

Not everything you read, hear or see is true
In the short term the illusion created by others or the particular situation in play can be misleading; people behave to gain some advantage or maintain a situation that is pleasing to them, therefore they need to hide their true feelings or true intentions. Once the exact reality is revealed it can be either enlightening or shocking; revealing a condition that could be better or worse than one originally thought. Over time the true situation always starts to reveal itself; intuition kicks in giving some insights into what you may face. The advantages of following or rejecting intuition can only become known over the long term; the wait just can make things more interesting, or assumptions change the final outcome.
Belief is the strongest power you can bring to bear in order to realise your dreams.

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