Secrets are only as valuable as the demand to know what they hide, or the power of the knowledge they could disclose.
Secrets can be about people, places or things, of various levels or intensity of interest. Any secret is only valuable to this who hold the secrets and those who really want to find out more about them. Once revealed, what was once thought a secret, may be found to be of no interest or use at all to others; it was just the hype surrounding the secret that gave it value, in reality the information had no significant benefits or value attached to it.

An aura of mystique can always be constructed around whatever can’t easily be confirmed. There is always a game played between those that hold any secretive information with those who are keen to find out exactly what that information is, so they can assess its value to them, basically how they can achieve some gain.
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Secrets by their very nature have an allure and mystique, an instant attraction that by their very nature entices people to probe the depth of what information is being guarded and hidden.
Secrets confine knowledge to a limited few

Not all secrets have real value to others

The mystique of a secret is what create interest

Hiding information gives it an aura of value

Secrets only have interest from those who seek them

Lies are the only defence to guard a secret

Few people knowing a secret gives it more power
Secrets can only have interest when others wish to acquire them; or have a known value, real or imaginary, if they are known about and deemed to be worth knowing. Secrets with time can lose interest due to changing dynamics of life, thereby falling in value to others. Secrets do have different scales of perceived value and complexity, that in turn have a shelf life, were over time the secret may no longer have any value. A secret only has value while people wish to know the details, or are fully aware of some potential the secret holds. The value attributed to any secret is what people perceive the secret has to offer them, once this aura has diminished interest dissolves quickly.
Once exposed, a secret loses all its power. - Ann Aguirre

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