Thought is how our minds communicate to the world and also the universe. Change is possible by pursuing creative thought.
Thought has potential to create both good and bad end results, as they are used in both constructive and destructive ways. Deceit is born within concealed thought, which are designed to confuse in order to gain some advantage. Being open and forthcoming can have advantages and disadvantages, generally related to who you are dealing with. Generally it is down to intuition that determines whether you can deal with others is a positive way, or whether you shouldn’t trust them and treat them accordingly. Thought can be used to confuse not only others but also oneself though those inner conversations within the mind. The birth of ideas if fully considered is a mystery, how physical matter can create thought concepts is a wonder. The mind is capable of creating thoughts that bring into reality the objects of focused desires. Each new day is a chance to create something wonderful.
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Each thought is the essence of creation, a product of the mind through which communication becomes possible; ideas given life to achieve their true potential.
Exercise the ability to choose thoughts

Actions are thoughts brought to life

The route to change is through thought

Some thoughts are best left unsaid

Speech can conceal thoughts by deceit

Thoughts change due to pressures of reality

Choose carefully which thoughts to reveal
In one way or another every single thing on earth is in communication of some form; be it the frequencies of rare stones or crystals, sounds of animals, vibrations of plant life, right through to conversation and thought of humans. Numerous thought centres are located throughout the body, sending and receiving data from the mind. All the key chakra points are communication sensors, collecting and distributing information. Communication comes in many varying forms, as sound, written, through verbal, or visual actions or a combination of the two. Hidden communication also has various forms such as various physical signs or even telepathy. The latter is limited to those sensitive enough to perceive the purely mental thought transmission.
Man's greatness lies in his power of thought. - Blaise Pascal

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