Wishes or Reality

Is what we now comprehend the result of some wish we made that now faces us in our reality. Which has the power the wish or the reality. Do we in our reality make a wish then it comes to life within our reality, or do we first make the wish. Our reality is the sum result of all our wishes in the form or longings, desires, hopes and wants.

It is the strong desire to have the life experience, to touch, to feel both joy and pain, to make a life script that we can live out each day of our reality. The permutations for the scenarios for our life are endless, each choice we make offers different courses of reality; we simply choose the key consciousness to exist in one of them, then live that experience.

Wishes do come true, they may be long lost to our memory but everything we wish for is materialised in some for or another within reality sooner or later. Reality doesn't just make itself up on an off-chance whim, it follows a strict course based entirely upon our each and every desire that we entertain, these are the seeds of reality.
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