It's your Dream
Its my dream, so I will make it what I want, that is the stance that you should take always, don't modify your wishes, hopes, or desires to suit those of others, stay true to your dreams at all times then they won't desert you.

There are many people who sacrifice what they want, or what they are longing for, simply in exchange for some short term benefit or material thing that will all too soon be gone, leaving them with nothing but regrets.

Your life rushes by so very fast, seemingly soon to be gone; it is only the dreams that we hold dear that are eternal, that make life worth while; that make the journey a joy to experience, to behold.

We are adrift on the ocean of life, without a dream to drive or direct us we are lost, wandering without a goal or even without hope. It is our dreams that drive us forward, it is these dreams that give us a purpose, forever seeking what the hold for us. Our destiny await us within our wildest dreams.

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