Concerns of the heart

The heart is the body's window to the higher consciousness, the connectivity to all that controls everything there is.

Located at the 4th Chakra the heart is the conscious level that some have been able to achieve, then have been able come to understand how to utilise the hearts power to make life more wonderful.

The Heart's brain collects information from the body's widely spread receptors; then correlates the information to formulate information gathered both within the body and within the environment.

The heart's intuitive power is extremely impressive if allowed to excel though empowerment; governed by the ability to create interconnectivity of the heart and mind brain centres.

Once the mind begins to work cooperatively with the heart the ability to become more intuitively connected to both the material world as well as the high consciousness.

While the heart is continuously sending information to the brain, most of the intuitive elements are negated through overload from external influences. The mind have since birth been programmed to focus upon certain material and physical stimuli. Societies nonsense has been designed to keep the mind fully preoccupied and totally insensitive to the valuable messages from the heart consciousness.

The heart consciousness gives insight into a vast range of intuitive information, that in turn give individual power over material influences. This ability runs contrary to societies need to control the vast population of earth in specific ways to maintain order.

In truth most people are prisoners that are trapped within the material consciousness; they have lost the connection with the spiritual higher rhealm of conscious thought.

Connecting to the heart consciousness through marriage with the conscious mind enables valuable intuitive messages to enliven life, making the physical experience more wonderful through connection with the spiritual.

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