Love we bear

Love is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse, it can build us up or break us down. Love is the essence of our soul the reason for life itself, the chance to love and be loved both mentally and physically. We are born to love, born to embrace all our desires, to realise our passion our longing to connect with another spirit, this is true love.

Love is all - love is everything, be it physical, mental, or metaphysical;love is the greatest power that we hold within us. We have the power to give or deny love, this is irrespective of the need or worthiness of the one receiving it.

In our search for love there are many choices, many chances, but we must never sell ourselves short no matter how long we must wait. The wait could seem like or actually be an eternity, but love will embrace each of us in its own good time, perhaps for a brief moment, but it that time it will change our life forever. Then we must remained satisfied that yes indeed we did love.

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