Life in a nutshell

Life is basically a game, one that is played out through eternity in various forms. There are time when it is possible to win, other times to loose; but all cases good or bad what counts are just the experiences.

Eternity is a complexed concept that is complicated for the physical mind alone to comprehend. Only through connectivity with the heart consciousness, which is connected to the higher conscious states, can it become possible to begin to comprehend the true meaning of life.

It is within the chances, opportunities, choices and decisions that make life the gamble that it truly is.

There is always the chance to choose through decisions, which opportunities to pursue, or those to be ignored or rejected. Intuition can provide the impetus to make certain decisions, or just the flippant choice of the mind can render a potential opportunity irrelevant

Life means much more than the physical or material reality that the mind comes to believe in through indoctrination or inability to perceive alternatives.

There are times to win and and times to loose, life is actually just like playing a game; yet existence is a chance to spin the roulette wheel of life trusting to win just the same. Whichever result is achieved or obtained, it is the ability of perceptions that truly makes the end result valuable or not.

How the end game is devised or envisioned is critical to how life actually plays out. It is the expectations, the imagination of what will be, the desire to make those concepts become real, then belief in these three concepts that will determine how things play out.

Life is indeed a game of chance, having the right desires then pursuing them relentlessly will determine the type of life, how it all turns out.

Life is quite short, passing in the blinking of an eye in relation to eternity. Reality depends upon and is also governed by how it is perceived, what is pursued with the time available, how the results are interpreted the accepted, but mostly whether the desired purpose is achieved in the manner desire and imagined.

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