Happiness is illusive

Happiness is achieved when the desires of the spirit become real, real through our efforts to bring those spiritual concepts into reality.

Many of us are bound up by the pressures and cares of the day, the demands of modern life. The achievements of our desires in the form of satisfaction becomes the substitute for happiness; we replace happiness with physical or material things in order to pacify ourselves into believing we have found happiness. So, happiness becomes success in our work, our daily life; the value of the material things we had accumulated; the status of the people we know; the quality of the things we do with our time.

Yet true happiness is devoid of material things, it can be the smile of a stranger that brings joy to our hearts; the calm, peaceful feeling as we dose off to sleep; the gentle gush of a breeze that brushes our face; it is contentment with who we are not what we are; happiness is the pure essence of joy, the tranquility of our mind.

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