Wonder or Find

There is the opportunity within a life time to find the true wonder and meaning of what this reality is actually all about. There is the chance to shine a light upon all that really exists. The true total reality can be found though the pursuit of the right knowledge, of all that is. The information about the actual meaning of life is available to everyone simply through the effort of simply seeking out the answers to those intuitive questions.

Once in a life time the moment comes along to follow the path that will provide the potential to understand the true reality of this existence, the meaning of life; the opportunity to obtain the important information of all that there is beyond the obvious, the reason for everything. Through taking the correct direction in life it becomes possible to know the reason for what you perceive, the reason for being.

There is always the necessary search out information, to become aware of the hidden knowledge behind and beyond the reason for life as it actually is, not as it usually is perceived. This information is not written on billboards, it requires a subtle search beyond the obvious, beyond what is known or easily assumed.

The blind will never be able to see, thus they will remain forever blinded to the true reality and reasons for their existence; the real reasons for life will be hidden to them behind the masks of the material world.

There is no necessity to crucify oneself on the crosses of others assertions, beliefs or disbelief. Rather the personal journey becomes to search for the reasons, beliefs and the wonder of why existence of consciousness became into being in the first palce and exists as it is.

What is the purpose of life, of actual existence itself, the purpsoe of the consciousness that exists; or the reasons for the chance of being able to choose how to perceive what is observed or experienced; these are questions that could lead to answers and understanding of why what is is what is.

The solid reality of the material and physical world seems continually to be in direct conflict with the world of the spiritual; seemingly like two opposing concepts that are destined to be forever in conflict and disharmony with each other. Only through the combination of the material and physical realities through the interconnection of the heart consciousness and mind can harmony and understanding truly exit.

The supposed meaning of life becomes the reality that is experienced; rather than the meaning of life becoming the meaning that is given purposely to life; the desire of what life should be, what is created through desire, imagination and belief.

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