Desires come true

Desires can be varied in the extreme, as well as illusive in meaning; the true reason or justification for the existence of any desire can be based upon the actual reflection of what is wanted by the spiritual self emanating through the physical reality.

Desires are the true expectations of a person's spirit; the details of what is actually wanted or required to exist in the future, as opposed to what is the current reality. The gap between what is desired in relation to 'what is' can be eliminated by the focused pursuit of what is required rather than being satisfied by what currently exists, or has the potential to evolve.

Creation of desires is a function of the higher conscious state that are then relayed via the heart intelligence to the mind. Whether the mind is fixed entirely on the material world or a spiritual connection will determine the clarity of desires, how or whether the desire is comprehended, as well as the importance attached to the pursuit of such desires.

The ability to bring imagined desires into reality depends entirely upon the the intensity and quality of focus that can be brought to bear upon the object of those desires in order to force them to materialise within reality.

The deepest intentions of the inner psyche can be revealed within the desires that are exhibited within expectations of what is required to exist within reality.

Desires are the true essence of the spirit that have potential to become the basis and driving force of each of us, even determining who we are over time. It is the ability to achieve these desires or not that determine the extent of each persons connection to their true self, their higher consciousness; leading to whether the experience is blissful or full of regrets.

Desires are driven into reality by the power of belief, it is this force of belief that makes desires real, thus giving life and credibility in the desire, enabling it to be driven then exist in reality.

Without the realisation of one's desires the only reality remaining is one of regret; the regret of not achieving those heart felt desires; of not experiencing the results of these desires materialising. Regrets are the cost that must be paid whenever the effort and focus is not placed on the achievement of those desires that come from the spirit; the final realisation of what could have been.

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